• (1/2) Apologies for being late but some info

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I'll say it first but. I'm sorry for the bad organization. The album "Welcome to Hell" will be at least one hour late (don't expect it before 1 AM (GMT+1) / 8 AM (GMT+8)).

    I have several news.

    1) I changed my Vegas Pro version... Today. 14.0 build 161. I still keep the v13 on the computer, but in case you would request me a .veg file, since the next song "Before the Appearences" the v14 will be used. Thanks to the v14, the PVs will be in a better quality (hello 4K!) [this doesn't include the next PV for "Decisive", still made on the v13].

    2) Remember Zunko will be unlocked on October 11th, I should update the homepage of the blog soon.

    3) Few days ago, I wrote the tracklist for November album. For November 12th. And then you'll be wondering "why this so early air date?".
    The answer is the following :
    This is my Saturday of "holidays" = more time to get to it.
    The album will be named "Forsaken" and this is the tracklist :

    01. Necro Marie (feat. Lily)
    02. Chimene (feat. Lily)
    03. Little Miss I Want Everything (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    04. Erased (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    05. Decisive (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    06. Omnipresent (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    07. Unbearable Despair (feat. Lily)
    08. Athanasia (feat. Lily)
    09. JINOLIA (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    10. Forsaken (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    11. Princess of Heaven (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    12. Still the Same (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    13. Goodbye to the Moon (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    14. AXELLIA (feat. Oniko Hinomoto)
    15. Before the Appearences (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    16. Freaking Out (feat. Sayu Yurika)

    Track 15 then 12 will be the next ones to be released. (15 has its lyrics and music, 12 only the music).
    Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 have already been released in their demo statuses.

    4) Next remix/cover projects : "LUNARIA" and "EMIRIA" with kokone for mid-November. Then not before 2017 with maybe "BETH". Don't know the singer and this time the instru won't be the one by sele but the one by felichan.
    "LUNARIA" and "EMIRIA" will have a differential license.

    5) Talking about licenses... The version will change on October 15th for me, so it will be the 17.0 ver. This should normally make possible the creation of a commercial license in a little number of cases (which wasn't possible with previous versions). In this case, please contact me first... Also the works under the 15.5 version, since this date, if you make a derivative of them, use at least 16.0 (Oct 15th->Oct 30th) or 17.0 version (since Oct 30th).

    6) Some of you maybe noticed it but my organization is going a few bad... Because of fatigue. Don't worry if I tend to slow down, I'm still there, working mainly on musics.


    I think I told everything that was needed. Still less than 2 hours of waiting for the album, and again, sorry about being late. This time this is totally my fault.
    (For the other album it was the fault of my Internet, but there, I'm the only guilty person!)