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    Yandere Generation album

    Tracklist is done, album booklet is done, there's now a picture for the album cover and the booklet is a .pdf file. Easier to open...


    01. Irene (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl who decides to kill the dear man of her lover. When this last one runs away, Irene kills her.
    02. Justine (feat. Ritsu Namine) - A girl victim of loneliness due to the fact that her lover abandoned and forgot her.
    03. KALLIA (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl who kills the lover of the woman she loved.
    04. Tragic Seasons (feat. Meiji Gahata) - Test with 4 append voicebanks of Meiji, Lilith, Marchen, Fairy and Hunter.
    05. IMPEREST (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl becomes mad after she fell in depression, because her lover is hurting herself.
    06. Five Dramas (feat. Nyui Anna) - Test with the 5 voicebanks of Nyui's bouquet : rosemary, gentian, snowdrop, linaria and cosmos.
    07. Elvina (feat. Meiji Gahata) - A woman tries to escape her past and falls in love with a man, says to him the truth.
    08. Toxin Lily (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl poisons with toxins in a bouquet of flowers the boy of her lover.
    09. Delphine (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl searching for some love, notainly from her lover.
    10. C.O.M.A. Roulette (feat. Tei Sukone, Ruko Yokune, Meiji Gahata, Nyui Anna, Oniko Hinomoto, Ritsu Namine, Momo Momone, Stella Hoshine, Hachi Makune)
    A group of teenagers face to one of their friends victim of an overdose.
    11. Melusine (feat. Meiji Gahata) - Story of the fairy Melusine.

    8 tracks on 12 are yandere (all except for the two last ones and append tests).

    Download link will be in the left menu on June 12th in the morning (GMT+1) / noon (GMT+8).


    - All songs in 320kbits/s format
    - Booklet in pdf (English language except for lyrics (in Japanese))
    - Picture of the album cover

    Hope you'll like it! (^_^)