• Two upcoming unlocks

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    No, no, you're not dreaming. CUL and MAYU names are also in the "regular singers" list (at the right of the screen). But it's not for now!

    I'll make little explanations.

    MAYU : I wanted to get her since few months ago, but in my case it was really complicated. Finally I found a plan and... I'm not the one buying directly Mayu. Someone else is getting her for me (don't worry I'm the one who finally paid for it!) and I should get her between November 3rd and 23rd. Of course, pic posting when I'll get her.
    This is what is happening when you can only use by yourself (including family) one way to buy on the Internet... Else you pay insane prices...

    CUL : this one wasn't scheduled since the beginning. But since I had a reduction of price for a platform I'm using for buying VOCALOID stuff... I'm getting her at almost half the current price. I'll unlock her between November 4th and 22th. And you'll also get the pic as usual.
    Seeing how the concerned shop was almost empty is nearly a despair!

    For little info :

    1) These unlocks will maybe not be at the exact same time, it will depend of the person who is sending the package. Even if the dates are really near, they will arrive both at almost the same time. Maybe not the same day.
    (Example : MAYU arrives earlier than CUL with a shift of one or two days.)
    2) No songs for MAYU or CUL are scheduled for December album (for this one you'll have just the 3 Tohoku sisters and Nyui, I'll talk better about it with the album blog post).
    3) I'm not still upgrading my VOCALOID motor to V4. This is in schedule, but not in the highest priorities. The highest priority for me is to complete the tracklists and the demo songs.
    5) MAYU : her use will almost be the same as Tei for her songs. She will be reserved for yandere songs mainly and her songs will be forbidden on piapro. I'll update the page "platform notices" when I'll unlock her.
    6) CUL : will be used for all kinds of songs, but severe yandere songs will be quite rare ("yes but limited").


    Currently, no synth unlock scheduled. I have all the real synth ones (except for Ogun, but when you see its presets can be the same as Autogun, rather using Autogun which is freeware ; Drumaxx and Groove Machine are drum synths...).

    Also, thanks to feli (who gave me again the idea to buy MAYU now and also for her capella renderings, there is a beautiful song made with Nyui and the work is really good, check it out please!)!

    Very late is better than never.

    See you on the 22nd for "Cenders" album... And when I'm telling you there is an inedite bonus track... It will be for soon promised!