• Transcendent version of "Cenders" canceled

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Sorry to tell that now, but I will finally not do the transcendent version of the album "Cenders" (the one for October) and for the moment, no transcendent version for the album "Forsaken" (the November one) is scheduled either.

    The reason is that I'm being slowed down because of bad health. Don't worry I'm still there, but when I feel sick or tired like that, the affected thing is... My pace of work. I'm working on the Sayu's song since last Friday (and it will be aired tonight, I'll just make some tests) and Yukari's song since the beginning of the week. As you can notice, I usually don't work like that (often everything is done on the same day or max during 2 days)...

    With that, there will only be a classic version of the album "Cenders".

    I'll maybe acquire also more synths for my birthday, I'm currently thinking about Sakura (a string synth that could be useful for Oniko and Tohoku sisters songs) and Sawer (another electro synth). Plus, I'll boost up a few the presets for the ones I got on August (Toxic Biohazard, Morphine and PoiZone).

    Concerning Zunko, I'll think about some songs for her on this weekend. These songs won't be for the November album.

    See you tonight (at 5/6 PM I think (GMT+1))!