• Tracklist reveal for CD15.5 and organization

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    The problem with being too much in advance is that I have to work a bit more on "what will I have to do after", so creating a tracklist! This one will be a bit special, because of how it will be organized, and also... First tracklist being VOCALOID exclusive! Yeah, no UTAU song in this one. I first thought I already did that at least once, but nope! This is indeed the first one which will contain only VOCALOID songs!

    CD15.5 - Truth Garden

    01. Alina (feat. CUL)
    02. Never Ending (feat. CUL)
    03. Night Garden (feat. Lily)
    04. Penelope (feat. Lily)
    05. Simple Fantasy (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    06. Never Forget You (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    07. Hidden (feat. GUMI)
    08. CLIONE (feat. GUMI)
    09. Truth Left (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    10. Severine (feat. GUMI)
    11. Complaints (feat. CUL)
    12. Hex Spell (feat. Lily)
    13. Megara (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    14. HELENIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Now. How will it be organized?

    This is actually the schedule of the songs airing for the upcoming weeks. For the current one, I'm already done. I'll just work a bit more on "Hester" and "Damaris", but like I said, I have to better understand the source stories. That may require... Several hours of work maybe? (It's mainly a work of transcribing then having a rough translation, that is enough to me to globally understand)

    Week of July 24th-30th: the songs "Hester" and "Damaris" + at least 1 song of "Truth Garden" tracklist (work pace: 3/6 songs/week)

    Week of July 31st-August 4th: "Mandragora" will be aired on August 4th, 2 other songs from the "Truth Garden" tracklist will be aired a few before. (work pace: 3/6 songs a week)

    From August 5th to August 12th INCLUDED: OFFLINE. This doesn't mean I won't work! I'll actually have 3 sets of lyrics already "ready to use". My mission for the offline week will be to compose the musics, write the .vsqx file and mixdown. The work pace is considered as "2 or 3 songs a week", but this one will be invisible. I'll come back on this later.

    From August 13th to August 20th: Work pace of "2 or 3 songs a week" too. I'll be back online though.

    Weeks after these dates: back to "from 3 to 6 songs/week" until September 4th, which will normally be the last dates for airing the demos of "Truth Garden".
    On August 25th, a song with Lily (don't know which one) will be aired (scheduled).


    OK, now back to the songs which will be produced during the offline period. Last year I had to cancel several platform uploads of the "offline songs" (the Tmbox uploads) due to Internet and internal gestion problems. Also I decided that...

    These offline songs will be album exclusive.

    This means every piapro/MQube/Soundcloud potential upload for these 3 songs will be cancelled.

    After, I know what you will think: "And the English/French lyrics? And the explanations/production notes? And the instru???".

    Calm down (^_^)" These songs will have blog posts being aired on the same day as their album along with the following info:
    - a fichier-zip link that will bring you to a global .zip file containing the instrus and the lyrics of each song (not the sung version itself -> album)
    - the identification codes
    - the lyrics in English, Japanese and French, as usual
    - the explanations and production notes
    - a link bringing back to the album download page

    But these posts won't have any link for a licensing ticket (I'll use the certificate of the album as reference instead) and no song preview ( = no player) unlike the other posts, to really keep the song as being "album exclusive".

    Now, which songs will be concerned? No idea still, it will be the surprise... Until August 13th where you will see on the discography page 3 titles on the concerned tracklist written in turquoise blue ( = album exclusive).
    The concerned titles will also be revealed on Twitter on August 13th.


    I won't do this often. This is exceptional and if the concept works, I may set it up again for next year. This is just a test.


    Also, remember: August 21st there will be a cover of "Scarlet Rose" with IA and on August 26th, album airing of "Necrosis" (and I confirm, there is NO "suitable for all audiences" song in this album).