• Tmbox closure on December 31st - plans change for reuploads!

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    And no I'm not in my bed yet, even if I should, but whatever...

    Tmbox decided to move their closure date from April 1st 2018 to... December 31st 2017. Image proof:

    (I added the English text)

    So this is the new upload chart that I updated, so just a recap:

    - no more Tmbox uploads since the upload UI has disappeared on June 6th, people who were on Twitter knew about it when I said "OK change of plans guys! Let's meet on MQube!" (in Japanese of course because most of the people following me on Twitter are from Japan)
    - when Soundcloud account will be full, uploads will be done on MQube instead

    New upload chart (bilingual)

    See? I even made a bilingual version this time! (Of course the originals that are on SC or MQube are also on the blog, it's just a short to say "and blog and Soundcloud" or "and blog and MQube"). Covers and remixes are now just linked to the blog. I'll update the Tmbox links and replace them with the MQube ones when the reuploads will be done.


    When will be done the reuploads?

    Between November and December 2017. There are 92 works to reupload!! That's a bunch of files! If I do almost 2 every day, I'd finish this 1.5 month after I would have begun. Not that bad.
    Please note that the reuploads will be tagged as "[再アップロード]" (= reupload) at the end of the title and that I won't tweet them. Just to not flood the profile with only reuploads, works that may have a bit weaker quality than the current works (well, the quality was already quite high when I began doing this)... New works will be tweeted though.


    And your August tracklist?

    Still working on it and it's not complete yet, but no worries, I'm still trying to think about some titles. And also about the organization for August...


    Just to remind you that on tomorrow (midnight Paris time, 7:00 AM Japan time) I'll air the song "Never Tell Them" with Itako, that I finished on the 22nd, on both the blog and MQube!

    Songs of July album that are remaining to do:

    Can't Trust (feat. GUMI) -> scheduled on June 26th
    Deadly Candle (feat. Tohoku Itako) -> next week
    ROSAPINA (feat. Namine Ritsu) -> week of July 3rd*
    Murdering Passions (feat. Lily) -> next week
    Encounter (feat. Tohoku Zunko) -> week of July 3rd*
    Red Raspberry (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) -> week of July 3rd*

    * excludes the dates of July 6th (cover) and July 8th (absent all the day because Japan Expo (yay IA has a stand! O(≧▽≦)O ))
    excludes July 9th as well

    Enjoy and take care of yourselves


    EDIT June 24th 12:24 PM