• The two new albums!

    Hello, Nynthixia is there!

    As you could see there were many songs without an album. From Nyui and Meiji especially.

    I wanted to create another album but I don't know for the track numbers... And I thought : if others decided for me?

    So let's try this!

    For the moment there are 10 songs without an album. Plus "Melusine" for Meiji which will be out soon. A magic melody.

    I give the names of the tracks and the artists, and you will be able to choose which track do you see in which place in the album. Name of the album will be "Yandere Generation", because many songs are yandere. It won't be the case of "Melusine" which is more a tragedy.

    • "Toxin Lily", by Nyui Anna.
    • "Delphine", by Nyui Anna.
    • "Justine", by Ritsu Namine.
    • "Elvina", by Meiji Gahata.
    • "Tragic Seasons", by Meiji Gahata.
    • "Five Dramas", by Nyui Anna.
    • "KALLIA", by Nyui Anna.
    • "IMPEREST", by Nyui Anna.
    • "Irene", by Nyui Anna.
    • "C.O.M.A. Roulette", by all the UTAUs that I use (Nyui, Meiji, Tei, Ruko, Ritsu, Oniko, Stella, Momo, Hachi)
    • "Melusine", by Meiji Gahata. [Soon] OUT ON MAY 24TH

    Notes for the all the songs...

    - Except for "Five Dramas", "Tragic Seasons", "Melusine" and "C.O.M.A. Roulette", all songs here are yandere.
    - Some songs have got PVs on YouTube, you can check them if you want! (But, please, if you want to comment or give your advice on it, not on YouTube, prefer piapro or Twitter)

    Other color for the second album, that I already projected few weeks ago. Its name is "Madness×Darkness". For the tracks, it will be organized in duos of songs by a same singer then... I choose... Here are the tracks projected!

    01. Nightmare Eater (Oniko) - Strange song about a creature devouring people's nightmares to revenge against demons
    02. Lamia (Oniko) - Old song that I wrote few months ago (then I went back from nothing), a demon girl... Inspired by Greek mythology, you'll see the story in it. [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON MAY 30TH
    03. Gothic Baroque (Stella) - An absurd song about oppositions... Dark but true!
    04. NEMISIS (Stella) - A girl who falls in love with a criminal then decides to revenge and to apply justice... With her own way!
    05. Sin=Kill (Hachi) - A girl in love with another girl who is in love with a boy, the heroine kills him then kills her lover then regrets.
    06. Marianna (Hachi) - A girl who is nibbled by her feeling for another girl [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON MAY 31ST
    07. Social Complex (Ruko) - A woman complains about the society and the perfection which is an utopia
    08. Error 1001 (Ruko) - It will talk about an AI infected and which has discovered the world and its worse sides... [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON JUNE 1ST
    09. [[title]] (Ruko) - Unknown, come back later! [This song isn't out yet]
    10. Liar Terminus (Hachi) - A girl who decides to break with her girlfriend. [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON JUNE 26TH
    11. Hell Face (Stella) - Song on nihilism and its psychopathy. [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON MAY 25TH
    12. Hecate (Oniko) - Answer song to Lamia, Hecate counts the story of Lamia after she became a monster. [This song isn't out yet] OUT ON JUNE 16TH

    As you see it, this list is still in "work in progress" status. As long I'll write the songs this list will be updated.

    Songs which aren't out yet can change in their story, except for LAMIA.

    Of course when it will be available, the album will be downloadable on the french platform that I use for setting .zip files, as the package song/instru for "C.O.M.A. Roulette" or the first album. No selling, everyone is happy!

    So... It's your turn! For the list of the special album, you can contact me on Twitter (an image will be better for the poor little 140 lettering that a tweet allows) or in PM on piapro if you've got an account. Remember : I'll better understand English messages because I won't use a translator! Else... Say it in Japanese and I'll translate... (^_^)