• The news of the system reinstall

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    The computer is alive! (ᗒᗨᗕ) And is now on the right build (hello Insider build)...

    Saw some of you were worried on Twitter, so basically, this is what happened:

    - the reasons why I had to reset my unit are explained here (typically, it was too huge corruptions in the system)

    - system restore began just after I posted "Ourania". I had done a clone of the DATA drive (not the Windows one) just in case it would wipe out all the drive. I had to restore this clone indeed because the restore had deleted me a good fifth of the drive (all that was programs actually)

    - I had to do maintenance until even today, most of the apps were set alive again on Friday and Saturday. Massive and HALion Sonic SE quite scared me a bit, the first one searching a file on the wrong drive and the second one needing its Cubase AI install for the library presets (this is what I repaired today btw)

    - I have still Neutron Elements having an error, but seems minor since the plugin itself seems to work, at least when I listen to the result... But it's not impossible you notice something different in the mastering if you have better ears than me... So as long I won't get a support answer for this (it's a bit special case of dual drives again) consider this problem as still active. Other plugins work perfectly though.

    - Finally, no other loss, everything is safe for now!



    So the next stuff will start in February, I hope I can be a bit more active in music (even if invisible for you since it will be private tracks)!