• Soon a goodbye to Tmbox...

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    For the July album info, check again this post. The edit is written at the end.

    This is quite recent, but this little message is displayed at the top of Tmbox page.

    Tmbox services will close on April 1st 2018. Please use Soundcloud or MQube instead.

    In other words, on April 1st 2018, Tmbox will be no more. For Soundcloud, you know that I already have an account but... I don't have that much space on it anymore (~50min to give you an idea) so I took MQube instead. It works in a very very similar way to Tmbox actually.

    For the people who were wondering about "how do I upload the songs on other platforms", this should help you (sorry, only in Japanese, I'll make a recap in English after):

    Organised upload [JP]

    - For each Tmbox upload, a MQube upload will be done in parallele, and this until April 1st 2018.
    - Covers and remixes of songs that aren't mine are on Tmbox by default. They will be also on MQube.
    - Good quality songs and non-yandere excellent quality songs will be also on Tmbox and MQube.
    - Excellent quality songs that have a yandere content will be uploaded to Soundcloud until the upload becomes impossible, after, same treatment as the other good quality songs: Tmbox and MQube.
    - For normal quality songs, no additional platform upload, it's still blog only.

    (Note: the quality number ratings are actually internal (and are meant to be internal!), that's why you never see them anywhere. And no, I never reached a quality of 1.)

    And for other songs?

    There will be uploads on MQube, reuploads, of all the concerned works on March 2018. They will have a tag [再アップロード] at the end of the title. This includes all the originals, covers and remixes that would have been posted.
    The blog will also be updated.

    And the covers you will do until April 2018?

    Tmbox and MQube double upload from now on. Both will be posted in a single separated tweet. This will begin with the "Re;BIRTH" or "Ref-Rain" cover... Well, the one that will be aired on next Friday.

    So no worries, Tmbox isn't dead yet, but it's time to prepare a big move of all the files, that I can't do for now because many files are still missing for me.