• Song schedule for October 29th to November 4th

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    "Chimerical" just aired few minutes ago. And that means I have 2 tracks of "Lethargic Chimeras" left to do: "Repent Myself" (Lily) and "Laurenzia" (Yukari). These tracks will be aired the 2 following days. On Wednesday -> album.

    I began making the tracklist for November, there 3 tracks for Zunko, Oniko, Sayu and Itako. The first track of the tracklist was the one being aired on yesterday, "Trianon". It was for Zunko's birthday.

    Then we have other deadlines for the others: Sayu has one on the 11th, Itako has one on the 14th and Oniko one on Thursday. Yup, this Thursday.

    Here is the schedule I'm going to apply for the upcoming week:

    Date Title Singer
    Monday (Oct 29th) Laurenzia Yuzuki Yukari
    Tuesday (Oct 30th) Repent Myself Lily
    Wednesday (Oct 31st) Sabbath Hinomoto Oniko
    Thursday (Nov 1st) Mnemosyne Hinomoto Oniko
    Friday (Nov 2nd) Purgatory Tohoku Zunko
    Saturday (Nov 3rd) And I Disobeyed You Yurika Sayu
    Sunday (Nov 4th) CALLIOPEIA Tohoku Itako

    Here is the full tracklist for November:

    CD23 - "Fourth Purgatory" - November 24th

    01. Trianon (feat. Tohoku Zunko) - deadline: October 27th
    02. Purgatory (feat. Tohoku Zunko) - to be aired on: November 2nd
    03. Caliadne (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    04. HEGEMONIA (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    05. Sabbath (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - to be aired on: October 31st
    06. Mnemosyne (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - deadline: November 1st
    07. And I Disobeyed You (feat. Yurika Sayu) - to be aired on: November 3rd
    08. IANTHIA (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    09. CELAIA (feat. Yurika Sayu) - deadline: November 11th
    10. Degeneration (feat. Tohoku Itako) - deadline: November 14th
    11. CALLIOPEIA (feat. Tohoku Itako) - to be aired on: November 4th
    12. I Don't Want To Know (feat. Tohoku Itako)


    There will be 2 weeks where 3 songs will be aired once back to the slow mode. The first week will be the one from November 5th to November 11th. You'll get the deadlined song for Sayu but also 2 other songs. I mainly target the Friday for working. The second one will be from November 12th to November 18th: one deadlined song with Itako, and 2 others.

    Let's just hope my health will go a bit better in the meanwhile... If ever it doesn't, there might be chances to move the album air date to November 30th, which would be a Friday... Not that great to be honest.


    Otherwise I don't have current cover plans right now. I keep in mind there will be "Monochrome" really soon... But it won't be before a long, long moment.


    The "Imitation" project: to be honest I couldn't work a lot on it because of "you know what"... But now there is just one thing left to do in terms of music. All the rest will be the booklet etc. I really hope to get this finished for the year's end.


    Also please do not forget France has changed its time compared to Japan. For midnight in Japan it will be 4 PM in France ; for midnight in France it will be 8 AM in Japan. Should be the last time, normally!