• So during this week...

    Hello, Nynthixia here, from ~450km far away from her home and currently with a bad Internet so unable to prepare the song for Meiji for midnight even though it's already validated on my side, sorry.

    There's been a lot going on during this week, so before announcing season 5 that will start probably near mid-August, need to explain what has been going on.

    For Meiji, you'll get the certificate within the zip file exceptionally, I'll try to make the certificate tonight because tomorrow I'll be unable to. On Sunday I'll be able to again but it will be too late for Meiji's deadline and birthday so... No choice.


    1) VEGAS Pro

    VEGAS Pro 18 was released on Monday, bought it immediately (still cheated by buying on US version, could save around €20!) but I was only able to download it on... Wednesday. When I say my Internet is very bad right now So the song using Meiji that will be released for August 8th will be the first song ever to use VEGAS Pro 18.0.

    2) End of season 4

    When I went on vacation I brought myself a list of 6 songs to finish. Among them, 3 for the CD29.5 including Meiji's song that was the only one deadlined and 2 others private ; the 3 others were for CDHS2 and as such, are all private. As of now, for both tracklists, only 2 songs out of 3 were made. In few hours I'll start working on the last song for CD29.5. I expect a release of this album for September 5, 2020 and the album will be called "Punishment Humanity Deserves". Because of the song "Mormo", this album is rated "explicit", so not recommended for people below 16 (instead of 14).

    CDHS2 just has one single track to do that is going to be the very last season 4 song overall. This track will be overly complicated to make because it will get a double challenge, so chances I finish this one at home maybe this weekend. And only after this song gets finished on its side, season 5 will truly begin. I'll still leave few days before revealing what is the major change between seasons 4 and 5. CDHS2 may be released near October 11, 2020 (on a Sunday because CDHS and you may know why I chose this date as of now...).

    3) Hard drive incident... Again

    The reason why I have 2 songs left to do right now is that I've been slowed down this week by another hard drive incident. Good news are I could get back every single file within 48h. What happened is that the port of the external hard drive I currently have got extremely fragilized, forcing the drive to be in almost impossible positions to connect well with the computer. I had to buy another one in emergency on Monday.  €120 in my face, that hurts. Especially since these last weeks, I sacrificed a lot of money for production. You'll know more why in few days.

    I could have just one or zero left to do... But I lost 2 days because of this. So maybe season 5 should have started when I came back home, this won't be the case yet!


    In a nutshell:

    - Meiji's song tomorrow evening when I'll be back home and with a better Internet than the one I have right now - certificate of the song might be using the private platform unlike usual
    - Updated to VEGAS Pro 18.0 for mixdown
    - Hard drive incident that almost costed the life of my files but they got saved in time, however, adds another money sacrifice that may change future buying plans for now
    - only 1 track left for CDHS2 to do, probably will be done before mid-August, will be last season 4 song
    - CDHS2 expected to release on October 11, 2020 (Sun) - a crossfade is to be expected soon on YouTube
    - 1 private track left to do for CD29.5
    - CD29.5 is called "Punishment Humanity Deserves", rated "explicit" and is expected to released on September 5, 2020 (Sat) without crossfade