• [September album first round] Perish Songs - CD9

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I can't believe the album hasn't been delayed because I had a technical problem... It is on time!

    As you know there are 2 albums for this month, one for September 3rd with songs for Lily, Yukari, Ritsu (and a few kokone and IA as guests), one for September 24th with songs for IA, kokone, Totoko and Tei.


    So this is the first one. Due to the fact it is an "inter seasons" album, there is only a classic version.
    Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 5 are season 2 songs. All other songs are from season 3.

    And this is the changelog of the tracks which are different from their demo version. If you don't see them listed, that means the album version is the same as the demo. Remember : the changes can be a patch (repairing errors in a music), mixdown changes, extensions (most of time) and there can be instrument changes as well.

    02. Beyond the Death (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    [EXTENSION] Extended the beginning + fixing hats

    05. Re;Turn (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended beginning, bridge chorus 1/verse 1, end

    06. Turn Back (feat. Ritsu Namine)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added panned crashes at the end and in the last part of the last verse
    [EXTENSION] Extended beginning
    [INSTRUMENT] Added the voice SFX before the last verse

    08. Melonora (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended beginning and end

    09. Out of Time (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended beginning
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kicks during all beats parts
    [INSTRUMENT] Added a SFX just before the first chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Reduced the ending silence

    Yeah, for this one, not many changes. Several instrus were a few too long (often when it's more than 4:30 length). However, the lengths of "Re;Turn" and "Melonora" are the most significative improvements. Each of them wins about 40s!


    Other news :

    1) My Zunko has been received on Monday but her unlock will still be on October 11th. I needed to know the arrival date in case of trouble with the package of the reseller of the box. So you need to wait mid-October before I air some tracks featuring Zunko. I still don't have lyrics plans for her, I still have a few time, but I'll think about it soon. The first album which would feature her would logically be the December one, which will also include tracks with Itako and Kiritan.

    2) I had several questions about doing concerts but I hope I will be very clear on it. In order to do this, I need to create a commercial license for the songs (which is currently impossible because the license I use does not permit that), to request a commercial license from each company for each Vocaloid used, to change the singers for several songs (because some UTAUs don't have a commercial license), and finally a room to do this. So I won't do any concerts with my songs, sorry. I rather my works still be "free to use"* for VOCALOID and UTAU users. This is a mess to me, and I want to keep the things easy. Easier for me, easier for you all! (^_^)
    * What I mean by "free to use" is using by respecting all the conditions of course. It's not for pissing you off, it's to assure that people who want to do a work on these songs can do it for free without having any troubles. So please don't be mad at me for this, I do this to protect you.

    3) "Cenders" will soon be on album status, I'll work on booklet and album tracks (knowing that at least one album track is done but still private). For the people who were wondering, no, "Cenders" has no meaning in English, this is a "between French and English word", the English word being "ashes" and the French one "cendres". Just inverted two letters of the French word. After for the song title "Black Cenders", if I decided to set it without the caps, this is a few normal, "black" being an English word (promised). I maybe a few broke up my rule of "words written with caps"... But no problem I guess. Also if you read the song titles translations table and that you see that "Black Cenders" is translated into French while one of the English words isn't English... This is normal.

    4) Still have no news about changing (or not) the slow pace. I have at least less time to work on songs (if you want to know the details I lose a complete afternoon compared to last year), I'll try to follow the usual pace (2/3 songs a week) and if I notice this is too difficult, it will be "1/2 songs a week". There is also a possibility to change the pace of a week of end October or beginning November, but no further news about it, and it probably won't be the fastest pace (maybe the moderate one I used for summer holidays).

    5) Concerning "ReLief" and "Re;2" covers : I set up the air date on September 18th (it's on a Sunday). I'll see if I fix up some things. The instru version which will be used will be the piapro one but modified with the real song to get the missing voice SFX.

    I think this is all.

    Enjoy the album!