• Schedules for the weeks Dec 25th/Dec 31st - Jan 1st/Jan 7th

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    There are few changes for the air dates of an album and a cover, the ones for January. And the cause is the pace for the weeks of December 25th/December 31st and January 1st/January 7th.

    There is enough place to fit a whole album in it. Next week I'll try to air 3 songs ("Abandoned" with Stella and 2 others, maybe a song with IA and another one with CUL). Then the week after, you'll have the another song with IA and the Yukari/CUL duet. At the end of the post anyways, you'll get a schedule of all originals and covers that will be aired for the next periods.

    So, why in title of this blog post I didn't talk at all about an album announcement? Because all the demos for this album will be produced during the fast period! Except for December 25th, it still will be a track from the album "Dying Rule" : "Shining Shrine".

    So this is the tracklist that will be produced. Please note this album will be the one airing on JANUARY 27TH. "Dying Rule" is being shifted to JANUARY 20TH, and the cover for "ALETHEA" (with or MAYU or CUL, haven't decided yet) will be for JANUARY 13TH.

    CD18 - Death Seeker

    01. Death Seeker (feat. MAYU)
    02. SILVENA (feat. MAYU)
    03. Mania (feat. GUMI)
    04. Arlena (feat. GUMI)
    05. Destruction Goddess (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    06. AURELINA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    07. What You Deserve (feat. Lily)
    08. Linda (feat. Lily)
    09. Asylum of Dreams (feat. GUMI)
    10. MADALENA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    11. Time to Run (feat. Lily)
    12. MAELISSA (feat. MAYU)
    13. Enemy Mine (feat. MAYU, Sukone Tei)

    Now, the schedules:

    December 11th: "Abandoned" (Hoshine Stella)
    Between December 13th and December 17th: "Anemone" (IA ROCKS) and "JOZEFINA" (CUL)
    December 16th: [MQube only] "Tear for Dear" (kokone CUL) [cover] Dec 14th: I confirm the cover will be with CUL, not with kokone, sorry! ><
    December 20th: "Toxic Romance" (IA ROCKS)*
    December 22nd: "Dying Rule" (CUL and Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 23th: "Break-Out" [album]
    December 25th: "Shining Shrine" (Hinomoto Oniko)*
    December 26th: "AURELINA" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 27th: "MAELISSA" (MAYU)
    December 28th: "What You Deserve" (Lily)
    December 29th: "Mania" (GUMI)
    December 30th: "Destruction Goddess" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    December 31st: "Death Seeker" (MAYU)
    January 1st: "Enemy Mine" (MAYU, Sukone Tei)*
    January 2nd: "Arlena" (GUMI)
    January 3rd: "Linda" (Lily)
    January 4th: "Asylum of Dreams" (GUMI)
    January 5th: "Time to Run" (Lily)
    January 6th: "SILVENA" (MAYU)
    January 7th: "MADALENA" (Yuzuki Yukari)
    January 13th: [MQube only] "ALETHEA" (CUL or MAYU) [cover]
    January 20th: "Dying Rule" [album]
    January 27th: a song featuring IA + "Death Seeker" [album]

    * songs for which a midnight airing is very unlikely. Expect more an afternoon or an evening airing (France time).

    Soooo that's it for now! See you on tomorrow for Stella's birthday song!