• Schedule modifications

    Hello, Nynthixia here.

    So I just published the cover of "MYS" only tonight. This is a cover that I have done back in June and that I wanted to publish in September. But as you may know, I got a bad organization and the publication has been delayed. So here it is. Late, but here it is.

    I'll also have to rearrange my schedules a bit for the upcoming weeks. Next week I'll still be on the same schedule (2 or 3 songs/week) before going into a week of "1 song/day". This will help me catch up some late.

    Also for this reason, I'll be obliged to delay the album air date from October 27th to October 31st (Wed). For the moment I still have 5 tracks of "Lethargic Chimeras" to make and that will require me more than until the 27th. If we count the fact that a song with Zunko has to be aired on the 27th, and that I almost reached (or I already reached, more like that, since I'm beginning to have health issues) the burnout state.

    (See now what I always say "never do like me"?)

    So this is what will be done:

    - I have at least 1 song to make this week, which will be chosen randomly between "Lethargic"/"Repent Myself"/"Chimerical"/"Laurenzia"/"KARNELA". I maybe will make a second one this weekend.
    - Next week, there will be a song with Zunko for the 27th which is in the November tracklist, that I haven't done yet... Completely. I just have the plan of the singers ready. Another track (maybe 2) from "Lethargic Chimeras" will be done next week.
    - The week after (the holidays week), at least one song of "Lethargic Chimeras" will be done (in priority). The album will be prepared the day after, along with the production of a new song. I'll try to advance as much as possible. All the rest of the week you'll get tracks of the November album.


    Another good news, happier this time, is for users of Sharpkey, CeVIO, Synth V... You are now able to use all of my songs officially, even if it is written in the tickets or the certificates that only UTAU and VOCALOID users can. There is no problem now. Enjoy covering! (^_^)

    And no worries for me, I'll get better soon.