• Schedule for the 3 following weeks at least

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Sorry, got a little change of program for this week, with IA arrival, the days emptied of school for some reason... So I didn't do that I wanted to do. And for the upcoming weeks... Some changes.

    WEEK 1 - May 30th / June 5th

    The work pace will be the A one (2 or 3 songs per week).

    I'll normally air nothing on the Thursday and on the Friday (exam days). However I'm at home all the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so more time to work. I'll air maybe some little things on these days and work on the album and transcedent tracks for "Wasted Smiles". Because nope, I didn't work yet on them!

    What I'll do during this week :
    - Album versions for "Wasted Smiles" album (I talk about the album, because there's a track of the same name)
    - Transcendent tracks for the album "Wasted Smiles"
    - "Demise" by Yukari (more chances for her). About the first bad end of Tsukimi Planet (yeah, never two without three like we say (sorry if I'm bad at English expressions). So just a sort of mild tragedy. 198th track.
    - a song for IA... I don't have any title or lyrics. Nor the theme. Maybe not yandere... 199th track.
    - "200" by Lily. 200th track, very very obvious (I wasn't original there). Yandere song for this one.

    WEEK 2 - June 6th to June 12th

    !! I'll pass to work pace B for this one, exceptionnally. But I'm not on holidays.

    So there will be 5 yandere songs and 2 other songs, I don't have the themes yet. For yandere ones, 4 of them are inspired from the game "When Yanderes Cry" (and there are 4 yanderes, with different personnalities) and the last one from the game "Liar Liar" (maybe the second game, and yeah, finally lesbian yandere for RPG games, that's sooooo rare). I discovered this last one one month ago but the plot was so complicated... But now I better understood it and I think I could get some interesting stuff for a song now. And for the 2 last ones... No. Idea. Sorry!

    What I'll do during this week :
    - "Yoshino" (IA)
    - "Kyrene" (Yukari)
    - "SANDRINA" (Itako)
    - "Agnes" (Lily)
    - "Sister Family" (Itako)
    - 2 other songs with Kiritan I think...

    WEEK 3 - June 13th to June 19th

    Back to pace A. Else it will be a few too complicated for me.

    I don't have any plans for this week unlike the two others, but I wanted to tell you about the pace. Back to normal.

    Also, maybe the cover of "Beats of Silence" for soon? With IA, Yukari, Sayu... I don't know yet. The upload will be on Tmbox.

    (That makes me think that I really need to set the other covers of April on this blog...)


    With all of that, that completes a tracklist for August album (yay!).

    Temporary one (I didn't decide yet for the album name, too early for this) :

    [Updated on May 31st] [Updated on June 4th]

    01. Agnes (feat. Lily)
    02. SANDRINA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    03. Yoshino (feat. IA ROCKS)
    04. Kyrene (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    05. Deception (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    06. Hazardous (feat. IA ROCKS)
    07. Sister Family (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    08. 200 (feat. Lily)
    09. Cynthia (feat. Lily)
    10. Bomber (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    11. Painful (feat. IA ROCKS)
    12. Demise (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    13. Infected (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    14. Bad Carnival Girl (feat. IA ROCKS)
    15. Creativity Machine (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    16. Wish of Death (feat. Lily)

    Air date : August 15th (Monday).
    And that's all for the moment.