• Schedule for Oct 30th-Nov5th + CD17 tracklist

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Before beginning with the schedule, I wanted to say a huge, very huge thanks to everyone. The last song with Zunko, "Bird in Cage", has also been introduced by official piapro's Twitter account. It was hard to believe, but this makes me so happy and it really gives me a huge amount of motivation. Thanks everyone!!!

    I have so many things to tell you, if you knew...

    First, the work pace and schedule for next week. This is what I said in the previous news (when I aired "Maidens of the Horrors" (CD16)):

    1) I may do the fastest pace but I'd have to advance many works for Monday and Tuesday
    2) I do the fastest pace, but the song that was scheduled for Tuesday would be aired or on the Monday or on the Wednesday depending of how it goes
    3) I do the medium pace, and actually it would be a "6 songs a week" pace, with the Tuesday without anything

    The reason why I had to write down these choices was because I'd normally have some school classes on the Tuesday evening. I learnt on Wednesday that these classes were cancelled. This means, next week I'm on holidays (for school of course, not for production, you know me way well now).

    So the pace for next week will be a song everyday. No day shifts.

    And since I was at the very end of doing the demos for the album "Babylon"... I had to do a new tracklist. The CD17 will be called "Break-Out", and will be aired as an album on December 23rd!

    On this weekend, I'll produce "Lyra" with Kiritan. It should be aired on Sunday. This leaves the song "Christine" with Ritsu, which will be made on October 30th.

    This is the tracklist, and since some tracks are already scheduled to other dates, I decided to reveal the ones for the other tracks in the meanwhile (at least the ones for next week):

    CD17 - Break-Out

    01. Ornella (feat. Tohoku Itako) AIR DATE: NOV 14TH (near midnight? (Paris time))
    02. Corina (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    03. Heloise (feat. GUMI) AIR DATE: NOV 1ST
    04. ELZEFINA (feat. IA) AIR DATE: NOV 4TH
    05. Break-Out (feat. Lily)
    06. MALCINE (feat. Lily) AIR DATE: NOV 5TH
    07. Daydreamer (feat. Yurika Sayu) AIR DATE: NOV 11TH
    08. CORALYNA (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    09. Chains and Saws (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    10. R.a.w. -Repair a world- (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) AIR DATE: NOV 3RD
    11. Not Anymore (feat. Momone Momo -straight-) AIR DATE: NOV 2ND
    12. Back Spin (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-) AIR DATE: OCT 31ST


    So this makes (with all the other works included) this schedule:

    October 29th: "Lyra" (Kiritan)
    October 30th: "Christine" (Ritsu)
    October 31st: "Back Spin" (Meiji)
    November 1st: "Heloise" (GUMI)
    November 2nd: "Not Anymore" (Momo)
    November 3rd: "R.a.w. -Repair a world-" (Yukari)
    November 4th: "ELZEFINA" (IA)
    November 5th: "MALCINE" (Lily)
    November 11th: "Daydreamer" (Sayu)
    November 14th: "Ornella" (Itako)
    November 18th: cover of "Segments Blue" (IA) [MQube only]
    November 25th: airing of the album "Babylon"

    Everything's written? Good!

    Also, please don't forget for the time shift between Japan and France! From October 29th, when it's midnight in France, it will be 8 AM in Japan (when it's midnight in Japan, it will be 4 PM in France).

    And for December works? You'll at least have IA, Stella, Oniko, CUL and Yukari (I'm thinking about a plan to make these two last ones sing together, I'm sure between the voice of CUL and Yukari's -Lin- voicebank, we can obtain a wonderful thing!).

    (Reminder for dates: IA will have a song on Dec 20th, Stella on Dec 11th, Oniko on Dec 25th and Yukari and CUL are both for Dec 22nd!)

    One last thing, the uploads on piapro may stop... Due to upload limit again. I'm almost at 99 files, the limit I previously reached. One complete set for a song or 2 instrus and this limit will be reached again. But no worries, the rest will be on fichier-zip as always!

    Please enjoy! And again: thanks for all the support!