• Schedule for next week and incident related info

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Sorry for the lack of news recently, the last one was still the reveal for the April Fools and since I haven't posted anything but songs. I also had to cancel the piapro upload for "Orchid Orchestra" since the website showed as being a bit drunk the evening I posted?

    News about the incident, that also impacts "Night Angels" album. On Wednesday, 80% of my total files were being copied and it is now in a less complicated folder architecture (Users files, there are just some huge files, but we are seeing the end of the "retrieve copy" that began almost 2 months ago!). All of the production files including the .veg files (that are very very separated from all the other production material, because they are in my "Documents" folder) were copied. In what status exactly, I don't know, but I already prepared a huge tab for retrieving the files and knowing what ones are available. I don't estimate the come back of the files before or next week or beginning/mid May. That means "Laura" and "Night Angels" will be stuck as "demo = album versions". As for the song "Eve", I hesitate to make a modification (not extension type though), but else, same status. All other songs can possibly be modified like usual. I already have some ideas about the songs I'm going to correct. This will be done in the week-end. And promised, I save on the "copy hard drive" in same time!

    Next week, I have a big schedule. Song everyday except for the Thursday. So here is the list of the songs that will be published for next week.


    Leida (feat. IA -ROCKS-)

    Actually this is a (very late) answer to the song "SELENIA". Remember what I told you about the origins of "SELENIA"? The game "Dear Mariko"? Well, few months ago, the author of the game published an alternative ending (that is pretty messed up by the way, I won't spoil). So let's try doing this into a song?


    Hit List (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)

    Maybe a yangire song, long time I haven't made one of those... Recently made some yandere songs but...


    Escape Route (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)

    No idea about this one.


    LACRIMIA (feat. Lily)

    For this song this is quite complicated because I had an idea of story but I had to abandon it because... This was not my style. So I'll take a few more time to think about it. There are some chances to get a high age warning for this one (maybe not as far as "Anti-Birth", at least I hope?).


    Bitterness (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    No idea about this one either.


    Away from Me (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)

    Maybe just a tragedy, but, who knows?

    So let's try doing this. After that, it will be a week of slow pace (because I have my exams) and after... Medium pace. Yeah, finally decided! Many chances that you get almost 3 or 4 songs a week, because I seriously need to rest. I'll make an effort for the next week, but working against our own health is no good either. Actually that more hurts. But since I really love working on songs... I just have to make the right balance between production and resting for the 3 next months.
    If you feel very tired, you have some sleep problems and you have a "not-job" schedule... Don't do like me. Rest. For your sake.