• Schedule - fast pace - 1st week (Dec 19th-Dec 25th)

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    The page for GUMI has been added to the blog, and now, all the singer pages indicate what is the motor used. Also updated the profiles of Zunko and Kiritan for their birthday dates (Oct 27th for Zunko and Feb 13th for Kiritan), I still don't have Itako's, but maybe someday if the info pops up...

    (For info these dates were confirmed by the official Twitter of Zunko)

    Well, enough told about this... I still have one song to do or on today or on tomorrow, and here is the schedule for next week! Like I said, there would be one day without any song and... Seems there is a beautiful occasion for this. Take your notepads and note!


    CD11 - The Flowers of the Evil
    (singers : Anna Nyui, Tohoku Itako, Tohoku Kiritan, Tohoku Zunko)

    This is the day without any new song, but you have a whole album instead, so, I thought it would be a good idea. You still would have something to listen to. I changed the voicebank for "Too Much Quiet", the quality isn't perfect either, but a few better compared to the demo. Also, I fixed the problem with Itako and her "robotic-sounding" phoneme. Hope you'll get the album soon.


    Antigone (feat. Momone Momo)

    After "CELOSINA" and the second song that will be aired on this weekend, third song to be part of the February album (I don't reveal the tracklist right now because I'm not sure if I'll extend it or not). I noticed that Momo had very few songs compared to some other regular singers that were here since the same time or since less time. This song will require a few research, but I made a part of the work few days ago already, I just have to do the lyrics, and here we go.


    Alexandra (feat. Lily)

    This one will be a rewriting of one of my very very old song tests, which had the same title but with all caps (it was on 2014). So, I still have the main idea, but the original lyrics are pretty bad compared to the recent ones, so I'll do again the lyrics, and do again the music entirely.
    [Normal yandere, tragedy]


    Strangers (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) + She Does Not Want (feat. CUL)

    Special birthday. That's why there was one day without any new song, because there are two in this one, and I should take a little advance on it.
    Strangers : I wanted again a soft song for Yukari, after all the yandere ones she had, so maybe an "all audiences" song.
    She Does Not Want : I still have no idea for this one, but I'll come out with a storyline. Promised!


    Megan (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    And for those who will be wondering : no, I won't do the same style as Eyeris did with "Exorcism". But I still love this song personally (yeah, even if there are swearings in it).
    Would more be maybe or a yandere or a yangire.
    [Normal yandere or Yangire]


    Enora (feat. Namine Ritsu)

    Still no idea for the story, will come soon I guess. But I thought that Ritsu was a few late compared to the other mains (not talking about Lily who has more more songs than any main singer!). So, he is also on the list.


    End of Suffering (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)

    And the last one from the January album... With Oniko. Surely a tragedy. For her birthday.

    + unlock of GUMI


    Well... I should come back to work on my side.