• Sakura and Sawer (+ boosts) (Unlock)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Second unlock : Sakura and Sawer!
    And boosted Morphine, Toxic Biohazard and Morphine (Sawer had its "boost" in same time it was unlocked)!

    I still don't change the season for songs, still S03, and I'm currently working on 2 projects. Their instrus are already finished, just have lyrics and capella to do.

    I'll give now more details about my schedules, since on yesterday I didn't have that much time and I wanted to give you this cover with Zunko as fast as possible. Everything was ready since Thursday/Friday, so I just had to replace the capella and it was done.

    - I said it in the making-of, there will be a remix of "SELENIA" soon ("SELENIA -Dark Side-"). Max for Friday. With... kokone.
    Or on Tmbox or on Soundcloud, will depend of final quality.
    (Promised, the lyrics for this song aren't that violent, you already know this song, and I made all the necessary when it was with Momo...)

    The covers of "LUNARIA" and "EMIRIA" aren't abandoned either. Still for November (maybe late November in this case). With kokone as well. Will be on Tmbox though, not having the necessary requirements to get a Soundcloud airing*. They also have soon a try for repro build (based on Lily version though, because I don't have GUMI).

    * yandere song AND excellent quality. So even if the quality is excellent, the covers won't have the first criteria. I do this because I don't have much remaining time on Soundcloud, while Tmbox seems to not have a limit.

    Zunko will have a song at least on next week. Her voice is very sweet, so I need to do a sweet music for her. And now I have Sakura unlocked, I saw I had a pretty set of presets for eastern world music. Hooray!

    10 remaining days before airing for "Cenders" album! I'll try to be on time!

    November DECEMBER album : at least Zunko, Kiritan and Itako. And the fourth one... I don't know!
    I'll soon do again songs with Nyui, promised, I didn't forget her.

    And last word of this post : happy birthday to Ritsu! (This is also a birthday that I can't forget *laughs*)