• Release date of CD27.5 + schedule plans for 2020

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    I guess I can now do the announcement, the release date for the album of this month with be on November 16th. It is called "PSYCHOCEPTION" and contains 12 tracks, featuring Yukari, Nyui, Oniko, Xin Hua, Ritsu and Zunko! The tracklist will be given the day it will be released, since there is a title that is still to be set to definitive.

    For now I just have 2 private tracks to do, which means there will be no public track next week (Nov 4th-Nov 10th). The next public one will feature Sayu and will be on November 11th. Followed by a song for Itako on November 14th.

    CD28 will be for either late December either early January, it will feature at least Itako, Sayu and Stella. Possibilities are that IA will be part of the featured singers, a bit less chances for Yukari, CUL and Akari.


    Now let's get to the schedules.

    For now, it's more 2 songs per week being produced (still getting my health back, slowly) with all deadlined songs being public, album being aired almost each month (it got jumped off for October due to time management, so shifted for November, and for December we'll see how it will advance). For now the albums contain 12 tracks in average, and half of the tracklist is public as soon the song is done, making the other half of the songs album exclusive.
    Apparently the album exclusive thing seems to be a good thing for you all, and actually it also is good for me (because as you know it, I have now a limited storage for uploads thanks to Google Drive and that makes a good delay for blog posts and stuff).

    So the next year isn't full of just deadlines being pushed back and constant fatigue, I'll arrange the things a bit for 2020, we already began the transition with the last album ("Calling Out the Sirens"), so this is how I'll behave for 2020:

    - albums will contain at least 12 tracks. It's a good average, I'll try to not do 10 tracks/album
    - however, the albums won't be monthly anymore. At the current state, they might be released every 2 months. The days for release will be on Saturdays as usual (in front of the computer without too much issues). So understand "as soon an album tracklist is done it will be released pretty soon"!
    - for now only half tracklist is public. On 2020, only the first track of the album and the deadlined songs will have a public demo. All other tracks will be album exclusive. It will make the album even more interesting to download. And that's where the little table in the right column of the blog will be useful to you: to determine the date of the next scheduled public track.
    Note: it is not impossible that for December 22nd, I make group songs. Hesitating between a trio song or a duet Akari/Yukari and a CUL solo. The second solution being possibly better at voice scale but more time consuming, knowing that the other deadlines surrounding it are December 20th and 25th (= very tight!).
    - the date of the albums will not be revealed until all tracks (or until only 2 left) are done. Which means the mp3 file of the full song has to be complete, on computer.
    - there won't be any crossfades for albums part of the "series albums". Series albums are all the monthly albums that have been released until there. The album "Imitation" is an out-of-series, meaning it wouldn't have been concerned in this measure.
    - the huge projects (of type "Imitation") will keep their crossfades and their different booklet formats (these are usually huge albums). For now, none of them has been scheduled yet. But who knows, one year, it will come back. If ever it does, there will be little clues scattered a bit anywhere. It can be blog, Twitter...
    - if ever you need an instrumental of an album exclusive track, you can contact me via the contact form of this blog (I don't give out my mail publicly, so once I replied you, keep the mail somewhere in your contacts in case you need to contact me again!) and I will give you the file. Ensure that your mailbox can receive mp3 and zip files, and that it can receive mails of about 20Mo of size.
    - if you ever need a flp file, please contact me via the same way, and precize if you have FL Studio or not. If you have FL Studio, please tell me the exact version you have (version with build number). Please also watch out for songs that contain FLEX, Transistor Bass or Fruity Delay 3, which either have limited compatibility patches either none possible (for Transistor Bass and Fruity Delay, you must have at least the last version of FL 12 (12.5.1) ; for FLEX FL 20.5 is required (no compatibility patch is possible for FL 12)). I can make in all other cases compatibility patches for FL 9, FL 10, FL 11 and FL 12 (for the versions below, my license file doesn't cover them). The songs having issues with compatibility patches have categories for their blog posts ("No compatibility patch" / "Limited compatibility patch").
    Patches for FL versions 9, 10 and 11 require more time to be recreated. Ensure yourselves you also have licenses for the VST being used.

    Also I forgot to tell, since last week, Japan and France have a time shift of 8 hours instead of 7. When it's midnight for Japan, it is 4 PM in France ; when it's midnight for France, it's 8 AM in Japan!

    Have fun