• Pushing back CD26.5 but...

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Almost dying from heat ~(>_<~) (pretty sure it's 45°C in the room right now)

    You may have guessed, but with only the half of the tracklist online, it's not possible to release the album for Saturday. Not even for the 31st, it's to tell you at which point!

    So I'll push back "Alien Eyes" to August 31st (Sat.). The day just after the deadline for Akari.

    But, was telling myself this would be a bit unfair to jump off a month like this, so I decided to possibly insert 2 little bonus tracks at the end of "Alien Eyes" album. I don't know the titles, neither the singers yet, but these will be album-exclusive titles that you won't see on the blog.


    For August deadlines:
    They are the following:

    - August 8th -> Meiji
    - August 16th -> CUL
    - August 25th -> Lily
    - August 30th -> Akari

    It does at least one every week.


    What will happen:


    - On the deadlines, you'll get public songs with the concerned singers. This time, no deadline shift for Meiji, it will be on the right day!
    - On August 31st, and I promise this will be on time, you'll get the album that had to be released for Saturday. 10 tracks that are public + 2 private exclusive tracks in bonus.
    - The album that was initially for August is cancelled and replaced by "Alien Eyes" (CD26.5)
    - There will be an album on September, containing at least the 4 deadlined tracks in August + probably the 2 ones for September (with MAYU and Kiritan)
    - As for the other tracks of the September album for August, still undecided if they will be public or album-only

    Enjoy your (hot) holidays, and take care... And thanks for your support messages <3