• Next weeks pace + PV delayed

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Very quick news while uploading a song to just give you two little informations.

    The first one is about the work pace for next weeks. I'll go back to "between 3 and 6 songs per week" on June 4th. The songs for next week will be at least on the 5th ("CLOTHORA"), 7th ("Jump for Happiness") and 9th ("Selenium") (+ bonuses for the 9th, MQube only).

    Now you got it, there is a little problem with the PV of "Remind me". I need access to data on piapro (mainly for some credits) to properly upload the PV. The problem is that... The society behind piapro (yup, the guys behind Miku, from Crypton) have closed their website accesses to all countries in European Union (including France, where I live) because they are not up to date with the new European law (GDPR). And it's like this since Friday.
    So the PV will be delayed to an unknown date before June 23rd (album deadline).

    I don't know when Crypton will open their websites to everyone again, I hope soon, but in this case, please avoid contacting me with piapro, I won't be able to go on the website for a little moment...

    Also if I wanted to upload some Akari's stuff on piapro, well, I got stuck.

    OK, so enjoy the new song "Fallen" with the VCV version of Sayu. Only great stuff! <3