• New synths and VEGAS 17

    Hello Nynthixia here

    Wanted to do this post few days ago, but again... ><

    On the past weekend and on Monday, I changed some material, or should I say upgraded it... There are first two synths, the first one I got for very very few money (like... less than €5) and the other for free: the Riser (a synth for all that is uplifters/downlifters/rises/falls) and Iris 2 (the only synth by iZotope!). And if you follow well all the sales of music plugins websites, you know where I got them.


    For VEGAS, the update was done on Monday. Tip for Europe users, buy on the US website version: on a European version you'll pay the upgrade €249, on the US version $249... When you do the conversion, you'll win a bit more by buying on the US store, no kidding.
    I just had an issue with a video plugin from VEGAS 16 that made an incompatibility bug with 17, making 17 crash when starting up... So if ever you had installed the third party video plugins with v16 and you want to install v17, take this into consideration, there is a possible incompatibility!


    As for tracklist, just one track for Kiritan and one for Xin Hua to do for this month album (the former July album), and I just released the track for Meiji's birthday, so enjoy it!


    Tracklist for September not available for now, I created a folder with a temporary name for the September album while doing "Miracle of Doom"... So can't say more for now as long I'm not really sure. Might do some changes for titles though, I see I begin running out of ideas for feminine names, so the future titles may more be English titles.


    I'll have also to introduce a new system soon, about the transparence of the tracks, inspirations and all. Still thinking about the way to introduce it. The first solution is to do a sort of pdf with the infos, the second one to redirect to an entry of a database (still WIP but huuuuush)


    Also warning by the way, if ever someone hurts the ones I appreciate, I will show no mercy, but I'll show no mercy, with intelligence. Or at least I'll try.


    "Remember who we are"