• New synths?

    Hello, Nynthixia there

    Told you I wasn't going to leave you all alone during these 3 weeks where production is currently private.

    Concerning CD28, tracklist is not 100% done (one track name missing) and album name is not decided yet. It is possible that now, it will integrate inedite synths...

    You know it's Black Friday recently.
    And who says Black Friday says there are huge reductions on many things (that's how I got 4 packages of samples very quickly from Glitchmachines)
    But it wasn't over...

    2 years ago, I had done the Black Friday with Native Instruments to get FM8. There are very cool presets in it, even if some are a little bit difficult to use. This year I striked again with not one, but two synths...

    Massive and Absynth 5!

    (yes I took just Massive and not Massive X...)

    OK now the why for the 2:
    - Massive: mainly got it for some dubstep sounds, seems I can't do very well with Harmor for now, and Serum never has the chance to be under reduction... Too bad... Massive has the huge chance to have presets sold a bit everywhere (or downloadable everywhere, got a bunch of free ones) and I'm sure we can do pretty cool things with it
    - Absynth: this one is specialized in all that is pads and ethereal sounds. And I think you may have noticed it, but I really love this type of instruments, most of my songs include at least one pad... We'll get beautifuuuuul sounds (☆▽☆)

    It will be lots of fun!


    PS: Last album is available here...