• New production materials! (update+new VST)

    Hello, Nynthixia there

    I acquired some new material recently, I told about some of them on Twitter already, but apparently, never did that here so here we go.

    The first one is the upgrade to VEGAS Pro 15.0. Since the song "Down to Hell", all the works are done into this version, also they seem to have changed the compressor system making the volume of some songs quite low. May be good to expect some modifications for the album versions I guess.

    (Typically the saturation level has been lowered by ~3dB from what I noticed, so if I used the same manipulations as in the 14.0, I would have a music with 3dB less than a song that has been rendered with the 14.0.)

    The upgrade has been done last week, on August 31st.


    The other new instrument is a little KORG M1 (it should remind you something, maybe?) not too expensive for me (42€), that has been unlocked on Wednesday, so, more recently than the VEGAS update. The next song, which is with Lily, uses it as main synth (with Toxic Biohazard, my little favorite <3). This VST sounds very promising since it can do a lot of things... A bit like Xpand!2 I guess.


    I don't plan to buy any new VOCALOID soon, I'm more waiting for the V4 updates of the ones that don't have it yet (especially for Lily). So for the moment, it's more "VST buying and VOCALOID upgrading" as soon as possible.

    Concerning Tmbox, the website is dead since several days ago, so now everything is on MQube except for the demo of "MARJOLINA" that had to be patched. Full list of concerned works on this Google Doc!

    Work paces: the week between October 30th and November 5th may be a week with the fastest pace, however, I can't really confirm that yet. As for now, I'm in the slow pace again. No worries, I'm still working.

    Two dates to write on your agendas: September 16th on MQube, I'll air a cover of "CHERRY BLOSSOM" with kokone (original: sele) and on September 19th I'll air the song "Lolita" with MAYU (it's for her voice provider's birthday). And of course the album "Truth Garden" on September 23rd (please listen to the crossfade here)!

    See you soon