• New albums... Very soon!

    For the album with Hachi, Oniko, Ruko and Stella, there's just one missing song for Ruko. I just can't find a story for her.

    However I'm already preparing two other albums (codes : CD2.5 and CD3). Of course the 2.5 will be out the first. Because actually there are more songs in it. Just because of that.


    CD 2.5 - CYANIDIUM

    01. 1986th Destruction (feat. Oniko Hinomoto, Meiji Gahata, Ritsu Namine, Nyui Anna) - Song made for an opening, talking about 4 girls fighting against a military project.
    02. Blood and Thorns -140 version- (feat. Ritsu Namine) - Remix of "Blood and Thorns" into a 140BPM version.
    03. Loophole (feat. Ritsu Namine) - About serial killer's addictions.
    04. No.Body (feat. Ritsu Namine) - Despair of a girl who finally revenges from her lover.
    05. [[title]] (feat. Ritsu Namine, Nyui Anna) - [[description]]
    06. DESPAIRANCE (feat. Nyui Anna) - A girl who lives alone, searching to survive in her depression.
    07. Lost Needles (feat. Nyui Anna) - A young girl who is searching for love but feels pain because of a lack of feelings.
    08. Miss.Take (feat. Nyui Anna) - Changes in a girl's feelings.
    09. CYANIDIUM (feat. Nyui Anna, Meiji Gahata) - A strange song about a girl's betrayal being killed by the other heroine.
    10. Nachine (feat. Meiji Gahata) - A girl ignored by her lover decides to kill her to get ride of her pain.
    11. SALVINA (feat. Meiji Gahata) - When a love nightmare comes true...
    12. Torture Dream (feat. Meiji Gahata) - The lover of a girl haunts her dreams... And it becomes totally insane.

    As you could read it, Ritsu and Nyui will sing together!!!! (^_^)

    The third one, lots of tracks are missing!!!!

    CD3 - Toxicity

    01. [[title]] (feat. Totoko Shirahane) - [[description]]
    02. [[title]] (feat. Totoko Shirahane) - [[description]]
    03. [[title]] (feat. Totoko Shirahane) - [[description]]
    04. Last Psychosis (feat. Sayu Yurika) - Apocalypse caused by madness of a girl.
    05. [[title]] (feat. Sayu Yurika) - [[description]]
    06. [[title]] (feat. Sayu Yurika) - [[description]]
    07. Toxicity (feat. Tei Sukone) - A girl having a treatment because of a yandere disease.
    08. [[title]] (feat. Tei Sukone) - [[description]]
    09. [[title]] (feat. Tei Sukone) - [[description]]
    10. [[title]] (feat. Sana Fuyune) - [[description]]
    11. [[title]] (feat. Sana Fuyune) - [[description]]
    12. [[title]] (feat. Sana Fuyune) - [[description]]

    See? Only two tracks finished. It's few compared to album 2.5.

    Air dates? Well, not before end July/mid-August. Yes, not beginning of August, you won't get songs from August 1st to August 8th! Because I'll be in holidays without Internet, so without my UTAU songs tools...

    But don't worry! I'll work very hard on all of this soon! Promised!