• New album in 14 days...

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    No worries I'm fine physically. The next album has now its tracks done (I just have to make album versions if necessary + the rest) so I can now announce it.

    CD28.5 will be called "Dread Dream" and will be released on March 28, 2020 (Sat)!

    It has 15 tracks (including the 4 songs of the personal series (Hellebore, Sunflower, Bindweed, Myosotis) + 2 songs of the Muse series (Ourania, Polymnia) + Imaginary Friend ; so 8 tracks are exclusive to this album!) and will feature IA, Yukari, Lily, Stella, Xin Hua, kokone and Kiritan!


    A primary tracklist is done for CD29 with 12 tracks for now, but it's not impossible I extend a bit this list with other private tracks.

    For now this is the schedule for the 5 upcoming public songs, which will be for CD29:

    March 31st - Nyui - Invalid Revolution
    April 5th - Nyui - A Night in the Cold
    May 6th - MAYU - Night Shades
    May 8th - Zunko - Kill my Boredom
    May 10th - Meiji - Witches Do Not Fade


    CD29 is nicknamed "Invalid Revolution" for now, like next Nyui's track. But yeah, for now, it's 12 tracks with the possibility of at least a new bonus track. The rest will depend of the organization.


    The HS2 album: still on pause for now. But when the time will come, something will pop out eventually...


    14 days to wait for the album, 16 for next song...