• Meredith


    Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Vegas Pro 15
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 20
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-180717-000858
    LIN (full) : 「599 098 715」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-180717-000996
    Instrumental + sung version
    Catalog ticket
    Album : Corruption Syndrome - TRACK 4/15

    Rating : Mature (second class) - M14
    Not recommended for people under... : 14
    Reason : yandere content, violent lyrics, censored suggestive themes
    Restricted on : piapro (forbidden)

    This file is registered under Specific Copyleft Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 18.0 license. 

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    Japanese lyrics






    Original English text

    The artificial lights in the night reunited us again
    Where the many contenders wait for your tricks
    Left behind when I was still loving you
    Nobody else will get away from this place alive

    Lying under the claws of the demon above
    Ignoring each other, not knowing any expectations
    Not careful enough about anything
    Until the dead bullet reinforcates the lethargy

    You will fall into my arms, far away from everything
    You began the game of love, and only lost once again

    40° inside, only 23° outside
    Slowly suffocating under the hypnotic lights above
    There is no escape to betrayal, death remains the punishment
    You won't be able to regret while being alive

    The betrayal will bring you to suicide today
    I'll be the only person remaining alive
    I won't be the slave to perverted thinking
    So my apologizes to gods for this mistake!

    And French adaptation!

    (Attention: les paroles françaises sont plus suggestives que les paroles japonaises ou anglaises...
    Warning: French lyrics are more suggestive than the English or Japanese ones...)

    Les lumières artificielles nous ont réunis encore une fois
    Où les nombreuses prétendantes attendent tes tours
    Délaissée derrière alors que je t'aimais toujours
    Personne ne sortira en vie de cet endroit

    Allongées sous les griffes du démon au-dessus de leurs orgies
    S'ignorant les unes les autres, sans attendre quoi que ce soit
    Ne faisant pas assez attention à quoi que ce soit
    Jusqu'à ce que la balle morte renforce la léthargie

    Tu tomberas dans mes bras, éloigné de tout autour de toi
    C'est toi qui as commencé le jeu de l'amour, et tu viens de perdre encore une fois

    40° à l'intérieur, et que dehors 23°
    Suffoquant lentement sous les lumières hypnotiques
    Il n'y aucune échappatoire à la trahison, mourir reste la punition diabolique
    Tant que tu seras en vie, tu ne pourras pas regretter

    La trahison t'amène sur la case du suicide aujourd'hui
    Je serai la seule personne qui restera en vie
    Je ne serai pas l'esclave de tes pensées perverties
    Alors mes excuses aux dieux pour cette erreur de folie !


    Maybe one of the most "adult" songs I have made so far? Too bad the degree thing does not really work in Japanese (not sure about the English).
    Story: The current rating is mainly for the song itself, because if I explained the whole story, it would be a bit higher... But in a nutshell? A girl who fell in love with a man she met at the nightclub, then who left her for other girls. Yup for once it's the "classic yandere". That's quite rare here.
    Music: actually this is horribly simple in terms of instruments. The koto is by M1, the pluck pad by FM8 and the drone by Hybrid. The tonal pluck is actually a part of the beats. Nightclub ambience reproduced! This is quite an "eastern hard techno" thing.

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