• License information for songs

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Just a little head out for the works using CS licenses. A beta for 19.0 has just started yesterday, and I'm able to use this version from now on. Technically, for the one I am using (BY-NC-SA, or "Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike") there is no change, it's other mentions that get modified a bit, and the license certificates will now integrate a line for age limits (the tickets already have the information in their title on the public database).

    For now, nothing changes. But starting from January 1, 2020 the following will happen:

    - all the works that are registered under CS BY-NC-SA 17.0 will require you that if you reuse the work or do any derivative of it (it can be a cover, a remix etc), the license you'll have to apply is either CS BY-NC-SA 18.0 or CS BY-NC-SA 19.0, and the 17.0 will become unsupported. So on the catalog the license code will appear as red.
    - that doesn't mean you don't have the right anymore to use the file though, of course you can still use it! It's just the license applied to the derivative has to be a higher version than the one for the original work

    - for files under the 18.0, this version is still supported, so no worries. It is even possible to set a compatibility towards this version starting from January 1, 2020, date for which the license version 19.0 will become available for all.

    - for files under a 16.0 version or lower, you have to use 18.0 from now on, and on January 1, 2020 either 18.0 either 19.0


    Little reminder of what the license authorized you to do:

    you can reuse this work under the following conditions:
    1) credit all the authors (here, I accept "Nynthixia", with or without the "-P" particle, it works, or the full name used on license tickets and certificates (even if for these works I more recommend "Nynthixia" as it's more obvious))
    2) you can't use this work for commercial purposes, this includes selling the product or its derivative in any way
    3) when a derivative is created or the work is being modified or altered, the derivative or final product has to be under the same license (with either the exact version when still supported, either a higher version)
    4) you can reuse this work without permission if you are part of the group designed for it. For my originals, any user of a vocal synthesizer can reuse the song without permission, but still by applying the previous rules
    5) for all the others you have to ask permission like for a classic copyright
    6) if ever there is a mistake in credit or any misuse, you have 30 days to repair it, 90 days in case of prolonged absence (only for 18.0 version and 19.0 for the 90 days), after this delay, it's over, you can't use this work anymore
    7) licenses have no legal warranty; it's just a "permission" we give to you for reusing the work; the legal status of the work is still a copyright; you just have some supplementary rights

    Also keep in mind:

    the songs I produce are NOT eligible for a commercial license, several samples or instruments used being under a non commercial license (it already starts with UTAUloids like Tei or Stella, or even the VOCALOIDs for which I have no commercial license because you have to get it separately from your software when you buy it)

    If ever there are questions about reusing my works, contact box is open


    For works under 19.0, there was one I had finished on December 1, however, the instrumental having been done before the 19.0 beta was made available, I used the compatibility mode and applied 18.0 version of the license to the whole work.
    However another song I started on December 1 and finished on today, is registered under CS BY-NC-SA 19.0 beta. Its final code on certificates is "Dec 2019 ver".
    It means the next album will be under 19.0 license but will tolerate 18.0 due to some tracks in it having been registered with 18.0 instead.