• "Level up!"

    Level up
    As promised, my 2 new "toys".

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    As you can see, this photo was taken is the late morning. I received those 3 softwares (for Lily it's a starter pack, I didn't unpacked it correctly when I took the photo).

    I begin to learn with them, they work well. Just deceived that I can't convert an .ust to a .vsqx as I want.

    So don't forget, the 3 first songs with Lily will be out in the second half of the month, followed by a yandere song for Stella.

    Other info : two new UTAUs will join the team. You probably know Zunko Tohoku (VOCALOID3 singer by AH-Software), but did you know that her team also made two UTAUs? For making them working, there is one of them with a corrected CV voicebank that I'll render by myself (Kiritan) and the another one will be rendered by felichan, with the VCV voicebank (and they dare to say that there's a CV voicebank too, but felichan and I checked and it's not the case).

    In a nutshell : felichan will now render all capellas for new VCV voicebanks, it began with Nyui vivid (because of serious problems with me).
    (I still set myself the effects with iZotope and ExpressFX)

    And I want to thank her so much for that! (^_^)

    List of songs that will be aired soon  - October 2015

    "Last Starry Night" (ft. Lily) - This will be a special song and when I say only "featuring Lily", it's not really true. Not because I'll use the 2 voicebanks of Lily but because the song has a part in Japanese (by Lily) and... A part in French (I'll sing it). It's the song that I promised a week ago. It won't be part of any CD.

    "ARSENIUM" (ft. Lily) - Only in Japanese this one, it's not a yandere song but a tragedy. Its full story is already available on Google Docs in English and Twitlonger for original French text. It will be part of the CD4.

    "Marisa" (ft. Lily) - Yandere song with Lily. It will be part of the CD4.

    "Backyards" (ft. Hoshine Stella) - The song hasn't been written yet compared to the 3 others, but it will be part of the CD4.

    "Cyber Oblivion" (ft. Heion Aika) - A song for Aika, her first one. It will be part of the CD4.


    Have fun everyone!