• Let's talk a bit...

    Hello, Nynthixia here.

    This will maybe be the first blog news of this type but... If we told a bit about recent events?

    I know everyone is or stressed or hyped by the new VOCALOID generation... This was... Not really a surprise.

    Vocaloid5 has been announced yesterday by Yamaha, few hours after a leak of one AHS voicebank (hello Sora Haruno), with their 4 voicebanks and stuff, few days after they announced stopping the selling of 4 voicebanks, and to be honest, I was sure they wouldn't go for a "commercial suicide" (if we can talk about it this way).

    So... The upcoming of V5... For the moment I won't update, and the main reason is "I wait for a starter pack with one of the 9 Vocaloids I already have". I don't know which one may come out first, even if I think a bit about GUMI.

    I also don't have "taking Sora" in my plans for the moment.

    The thing that is worrying me the most is for IA. Personally I still wait for an update to V5, but if ever she was going to totally switch to CeVIO (in terms of Japanese voicebank), well, I will consider into taking a CeVIO engine as well... I'm still waiting for the moment.

    If ever one interesting starter pack goes out, this will go into the top priorities.


    VEGAS: the v16 will be out in few months and I'll update as soon as possible. This is the top one priority.


    The new plugins: last week I acquired Vacuum Pro, you already have some examples of use in "Complex Choices" (where the plugin does all synths) or "Corruption Syndrome" (the reverse atmosphere mainly).


    The pace is quite slow because of fatigue problems mainly... And also because for the moment I do many failures... I'm really sorry about that m(_ _)m


    So if you have to remember few things:

    1) VEGAS Pro 16 is the top one priority at the moment and will be updated as soon as possible.
    2) I won't take Sora, it's not in the "to-do list"
    3) I'll wait for a starter pack with one of the vocals I already have for updating to VOCALOID5 (if possible, physical package would be nice)
    4) The next cover is on September so no worries if I don't air one for this month and the next one
    5) On Monday I air a song with Kiritan
    6) Next album will feature at least Meiji and CUL. Maybe Lily too. No idea about the others, but it will probably be Vocaloids (since I'll be in "restricted material mode" for 2 weeks in August)
    7) I'm updating every UTAU into VCV, Ritsu's folder is already installed, I'll have to do tests with Oniko, and one with a "hybrid" voicebank of Totoko due to 5 severely corrupted archives (40/50 files per archive if you saw the tweet! [normal VCV (F4), Kire C5/A3/D4 have a few files corrupted, Kire F4 is just impossible to read, and no, it's not a hard drive problem]).
    (The "Hoppu" one is a sane file though, that's why I'm using it right now)


    Also, I will "pre-announce" it now... I'm working on another project since April, but hushhhhh... Wait a bit, wait a bit before the fruit matures well... ^^

    So if you were wondering these questions about V5, here you get your answers. So, wait and see.
    And don't forget to enjoy