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    Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Sony Vegas Pro 13
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 12
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-151021-00007
    LIN (full) : 「598 022 994」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-151021-000103
    Instrumental + sung version
    Catalog ticket
    Album : End Sentence - TRACK 12/14

    Rating : Mature (second class) - M14
    Not recommended for people under... : 14
    Reason : yandere content
    Restricted on : piapro (forbidden)

    This file is registered under Specific Copyleft Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 15.5 license. 

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    Japanese lyrics





    Original English text

    Holding the hand to an unknown feeling of this madness world
    Spreading the love would be useless for now
    Still looking at the arms full of injuries and red scriptures
    Searching to understand what could happened before...

    I could feel the pain in the cries of another universe
    Lost and abandoned alone since many time ago
    The overflowing hatred for this another person could not stop anymore
    The only thing that I wanted was staying with you...

    For all the depressing time that left when you ran away
    Each injury of the past was worsening everywhere on me
    The eyes couldn't face the truth without being drowned
    In the cruel sadness of a hopeless love...

    After so many time to wait, the decision would be fatal
    The destinies would cross for sure, but the issue is still uncertain
    The consciousness vanished in the pain of these moments passed together
    Continuing as long you couldn't love me...

    And French adaptation!

    Tenant la main à un sentiment inconnu de ce monde dérangé
    Répandre l'amour ne servirait plus à rien maintenant
    Je regarde toujours mes bras pleins d'écritures rouges blessés
    Cherchant à comprendre ce qui aurait pu se passer avant...

    Dans les pleurs d'un autre univers, je pouvais encore ressentir la douleur
    Perdue et abandonnée depuis bien trop longtemps
    La haine envers cette autre personne me débordant ne peut s'arrêter maintenant
    La seule chose que je voulais c'était rester près de ton cœur...

    Pour tout ce temps déprimant qui restait lorsque tu t'en es allée
    Chaque blessure du passé empire partout sur moi
    Les yeux ne pouvaient faire face à la vérité sans être noyés
    Dans la cruelle tristesse d'un amour sans espoir envers toi...

    Après tant de temps à attendre, la décision serait fatale et certaine
    Nos destins se croiseraient sûrement, mais l'issue était encore incertaine
    Ma conscience s'est évanouie dans la douleur des moments que nous avons passés
    Continuant tant que tu ne pourrais pas m'aimer...


    [Note : in the .txt file, there's a little misprint in the french adaptation, I corrected it here!]
    The lyrics were a pain to be found, really. Easy for the title this time, but not for lyrics.
    The story itself now : a girl who is waiting too much time watching for her lover and the boy with who she is. The heroine finally doubts and finally decides to react. She kills the boy in front of her lover, but this last one denies to love her, so she also suicides, instead of suffering from her lover's decision.

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