Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Vegas Pro 14
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 12
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-170714-00590
    LIN (full) : 「598 700 007」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-170714-000716
    Instrumental + sung version
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    Album : Necrosis - TRACK 8/12

    Rating : Mature (second class) - M14
    Not recommended for people under... : 14
    Reason : yandere content, self-harm
    Restricted on : piapro (forbidden)

    This file is registered under Specific Copyleft Attribution Non Commercial Share-Alike 17.0 license. 

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    Japanese lyrics





    Original English text

    As just good friends, the bonds between us were really strong
    A feeling that has evolved with the time and almost became unbreakable
    I wanted to embrace and kiss you, living with you forever
    I had this sensation that you would share the same thoughts with me

    Never leave me alone in this frightening and threatening darkness
    I always wanted to listen to these words, hearing these sentences eternally
    Please tell that you love me, that you want this happiness together
    Your absences feels like a deep pain that I want to get rid of

    Seeing each other again with so many good moments to remember
    I would never forget the instants of amusement that we passed together
    Everytime, I didn't want to wait for so much time between today and tomorrow
    Stay with me, make this dreamy wish become reality

    Drowned into a deep despair, where the pain is incessantly repeating
    I couldn't let you being too much away from me
    If you hate me that much, you'll just enjoy seeing this pain growing more and more
    But by looking at your eyes, you seemed to feel finally some regret

    And French adaptation!

    Comme de bonnes amies, les liens entre nous étaient renforcés
    Un sentiment qui a évolué au fil du temps et ne pouvait plus se briser
    Je voulais t'enlacer et t'embrasser, vivre pour toujours avec toi
    J'avais cette sensation que tu échangerais tes sentiments avec moi

    Ne me laisse jamais seule dans cette effrayante et menaçante obscurité
    J'ai toujours voulu entendre ces mots, entendre ces phrases éternellement
    S'il te plaît dis-moi que tu m'aimes, que tu veux ce bonheur ensemble partagé
    Tes absences sont comme une profonde douleur dont je veux me débarrasser

    Se revoir l'une l'autre en gardant en souvenirs tant de bons moments
    Je n'oublierais jamais les instants d'amusement qu'ensemble nous avons passés
    Tout le temps, je ne voulais attendre entre aujourd'hui et demain trop longtemps
    Reste avec moi, rends ce souhait de rêve devenir réalité

    Noyée dans un profond désespoir, où la douleur se répète incessamment
    Je ne pouvais te laisser être trop loin de moi trop longtemps
    Si tu me détestes tant que ça, voir la douleur grandir ne fera que t'amuser
    Mais en regardant dans tes yeux, tu semblais finalement sentir des regrets


    Story inspiration: from the jasmine story (the first one) in "Menherafflesia" (CHARON), and actually... This girl is the only one who doesn't kill. In any ending. But she is still a yandere as you can guess.
    Don't NEVER tell a yandere you hate her. You never know what can happen...
    Since the game didn't have an English translation I had to do some guesses but this is the story for which I had the less difficulties to understand.
    Music: first synth by Toxic Biohazard, pad and lead by GMS. This is some sort of happy trance... Quite a dissonance since the story is actually darker than that. But this is really the type of music that suits CUL.

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