• It's a story of tests and...

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    After a funny April Fools one week ago, I had to do a maintenance on the blog yesterday and you may have noticed two new names have appeared in the right menu and on the main page... Bibi Jyougasaki and Wistaria Tojou...

    For the ones who know these UTAUloids created few months ago (it was a bit before Meiji's death), they are indeed the ones succeeding to Meiji, since they were both created by Saccu. So technically, I know that with Saccu, I'll get great quality no problem.

    And I had decided to make some tests, along with another UTAUloid that I didn't select for the team, also quite known, it's Xia Yuyao.

    I had selected several songs for each one:
    - Wistaria was the first one to be tested, on the album ver of "Jasmine". Typically, she sounds a bit younger than Meiji, and in her normal configuration (no flags nothing) she sounds like a younger Meiji -Lilith- a bit.
    - Bibi was then tested on the album ver of "Kasiani", that was performed by... Meiji *laughs* I think I was better able to compare between Bibi and Meiji as such, and noticed Bibi sounded like a mature Meiji, with a bit less "punch" (after, Kasiani was done with the -Hunter- VB of Meiji, so a very strong voice) when she is in her normal configuration. I think she'd be also closer to a -Lilith- VB in terms of "punch".
    - Yuyao was tested on the album ver of "Hail". And I noticed that for her, some of her phonemes tend to be cut a bit. The reason is that unlike the 2 others, Yuyao is done with a CVVC, and the config when I see the ust file, looks like a CV only ust. I think it's due to this config she tends to get penalized at this point. If she didn't have this problem, I think I would have picked her as well to be honest.

    For the deadlines...

    Wistaria and Bibi will get 2 deadlines, including a common one with Meiji.

    Wistaria will get September 1st and May 10th as deadlines. Bibi will get May 10th as well but October 4th for the other one.

    Due to the current organization, only Meiji will have a public song for May 10th this year. So the deadlined songs with Wistaria and Bibi will be later this year, and only this year. There are chances that the years after, the May 10th deadline may be organized like the December 22nd one, so with group songs.

    As for the uses of Wistaria and Bibi, they should be the same ones as Meiji, but as a regular singer level only and not main. I keep Meiji as main, and Saccu said there was no issue using Meiji when we already had her voicebanks.


    Also, if you like me to upload the tests I made for Wistaria and Bibi, please tell me so I upload previews to the blog (MQube is still down and we have no other news from their team, not sure what is going on). Chances are these previews will be 128kbits vers, so if you want the 320 ones, you'll have to mail me. (contact tab)


    "And when will be the songs with the two new ones?"

    Album-only, there will be one track with the two first. After, I'll see in the next album.


    Stay safe at home, the virus thing is far away from being over, so stop getting out for your own sakes!