• Issue with piapro? New upload system!

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    As you noticed it few minutes ago if you're following me on Twitter, you should have seen that I've got a problem with piapro. The system says to me that there's a limit to the user-area (I translated) so I can't upload new files to the website.

    No problem.

    The licenses are still the same (CS BY-NC-SA, version 15.0) but from now onwards I'll use piapro to download material (pictures, instrumentals). And for uploading content, you probably know the system of fichier-zip. I already use it for Tei, her works couldn't be uploaded on piapro.

    It's a website (and French website) which is simpler than Mediafire or other upload platforms because it only requires... A mail adress. Just as simple as that! The files are uploaded and kept on their servers, and aren't removed, there's no upload limit (a form gives the place to 10 files of 2 Go max. size), and it doesn't need an account, so the files can't be removed until I decide it.

    I explain how it works.

    When you'll arrive to a link of fichier-zip, you'll have the name of the .zip file and its content if the file is totally public. OK there's an issue to display some japanese characters (I think that it's not encoded with Unicode system). In the .zip folder you'll find 3 files.
    - the sung version (mp3 320kbits/s)
    - the instru (mp3 320 kbits/s)
    - the lyrics in Japanese, English and French

    And if you open the file with WinRAR, surprise! You'll have the license text with a link to the ticket.

    Whatever happens, it's possible to upload anything (except for illegal material, of course) and there's no limitation with yandere content. We can be relaxed with it! (^_^)

    This operation begins with the song "Melvine". So, in each blog post, when you'll click on "Instrumental + sung version" in the posts uploaded since today (August 30th 2015), you'll arrive to fichier-zip.

    Other new, let's pass to the CD3.5.

    I posted on Twitter yesterday a "stub" of a possible tracklist. I wanted to balance the non-yandere and yandere songs. I modified it then, you'll get this :

    01. Srambad Children (Meiji)
    02. [[title]] (Meiji)
    03. Mistaken Utopia (Momo)
    04. Stranger Girl (Totoko) NOT AIRED YET
    05. [[title]] (Totoko)
    06. [[title]] (Sana)
    07. Brainsick (Ruko) NOT AIRED YET
    09. [[title]] (Ritsu)
    10. [[title]] (Ritsu)
    11. Oni Plaint (Oniko)
    12. Circus of Broken Nightmares (Nyui, Momo, Oniko, Sana, Meiji [Lilith], Stella)
    13. Murderer Dream (Oniko)
    14. Broken Lies (Ritsu)
    15. Sound of the Wall (Stella)
    16. ALIXIA (Sayu)
    17. Vanessa (Hachi)
    18. Lana (Tei) NOT AIRED YET
    19. Zella (Meiji)
    20. Bullet (Nyui [candy])
    21. Acantha (Nyui [falsetto])
    22. Calandra (Nyui [falsetto])
    23. APOCALYPSIA (Nyui [falsetto])

    You could understand that tracks from 01 to 11 are non-yandere songs and 13 to 23 are yandere-related songs. The track 12 is the "door" between those two worlds.

    For info :
    - "ELYSIUM" : it will be a remastorized version of the original song, the lyrics will change a few, I'll add another ones to the already existant lyrics. The song will be longer. Ritsu will be used in solo, with fresamp.
    - "Bullet" : the version which will be featured in the album will be the short ver (that you can listen to in the PV). Why? Because it's the best version without any false note (or problem with the voicebank) and I think that the lyrics are more correct than in the long version. The voicebank is Nyui candy with resampler.

    That was all I needed to say. Don't forget that the CD3 "Toxicity" will be aired on September 13th, and you know on what platform you should go... Yes, fichier-zip.