• Happy 2017

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Happy new year 2017! Hope this year will be better than 2016...

    On tomorrow, back to the slowest pace... 2 or 3 songs a week. For a quite long time... I still stood up with the tightest one though. No big surprise for the next week songs... "Cyanide Lilies" by Lily and "Olivia" by GUMI a minima. (Maybe a third song if I have some time?) With that, the demos for February album will be finished.

    I'll also work on the album tracks for the January one (air date: January 21st). I wanted to wait for 2017 to make them.


    Second new, that you may know: the piapro reset.
    Actually, I thought about it more than twice during 2016. I wanted to remove all the former stuff to make some place for the new material. However, I haven't said, I'll make restrictions on the uploads.

    - No Tei's songs on piapro (not even an instru!)
    - VOCALOIDs, Ritsu, Kiritan, Itako's songs will be the prioritary ones. (Note: for singers other than these ones or Tei, if the song has at least "good" or "excellent" quality, the material may be on piapro)
    - All the songs that are forbidden are piapro, if they respect the terms below, may have their instrumental uploaded (case of yandere/yangire/violent songs).
    - All the non-yandere, non-yangire songs respecting the terms below will be uploaded in integrality (song+instru+lyrics)

    This will avoid the quick saturation of the piapro account (because yes, seems there's one).

    Also, the column of piapro material in the lite songlist being now useless, it has been replaced by the rating/age limit column, now telling the age rating of the song.
    These are indications giving a hint of "the song is for all audiences or not".

    And the former stuff that was on piapro? For the songs themselves, go check their albums. For the instrus, there is a download link here (warning: huge file!).


    The covers. I uploaded the cover of "Farewell" (the new sele's song) right there. (Alternative license because of the instru's...) The cover of "BETH" by MAYU is not cancelled, it will be for February 5th on Tmbox.

    (And I'll also need to update the remixes/covers section on the blog...)

    I also updated the full stories document! Few months ago, I published on my private Twitlonger the French stories of "Melonora" and "Athanasia"/"JINOLIA". Their English versions are now online! (Click in the left menu on the name of the story to go to it)


    Quite a lot of surprises... I'll work very hard for this year!