• Guess who just arrived? (new material) + Huge modifications/announcements

    So, here we are... I guess? Hello, it's Nynthixia here, and something very special just arrived at my home this afternoon.

    Akari's package!

    This is quite a long story that I won't tell here, because if I was at home on Saturday I'd get her on Saturday. But now, here she is! Welcome home Akari~


    OK well... First I wanted to thank all my family because it's thanks to them the package is here.
    And thanks everyone for supporting the songs.


    Now, second part of this blog post (this will be very long)...

    - the next song will feature Akari, and you'll get two other songs this week: "GRETARIA" with MAYU on May 6th, then "Kindness" with Zunko on May 8th. And the week after, you'll get a song with Meiji, "Shatter", on May 10th. So yeah, lots of work to do.

    - I modify the tracklist of the album being in production and I add Akari's song at the end of this tracklist. The title will be revealed and the tracklist updated when the song will be out.

    - For the June album ("Happiness Disappearence"), all songs that would have CUL as vocals will have Akari as vocals instead. It's just that Akari has to get at least... 12 songs to be at the same level as others? No worries, CUL will be in the album after and in the September album thanks to a deadline date (August 16th). This will be updated as soon as possible (if not done yet!).

    - The May cover will be "Remember me" with Akari (instru by feli), as for its date... Maybe the Saturday before the album (keep an eye open around May 19th?). As for June's thing... Won't tell it, you'll know it on June 9th! Maybe a remix? A cover? Both? Don't know!
    Something tells me that Akari may be involved in this birthday present though... But won't say more, else it's not funny

    - If you saw it, you saw that little chibis are coming on this blog. This is still a WIP though, I didn't do the chibis of the UTAUs I don't use anymore (Aika, Midori, Hachi (these 3: I don't use them anymore at all), Sana and Ruko (not using them for the moment because I don't manipulate them very well so that's why I set their using status as "occasional")).
    (So typically for those who want to know, these are chibis inspired from the little chibis of Danganronpa... But I made them for each VOCALOID/UTAU that is used on this blog... Or almost, if you read above. Plus, they're cute.)


    Forgot something. Akari's uses for songs have been updated on the table. Globally, I'll try to avoid severe yandere themes for her (may still be possible, but you know she won't be my first choice for this lyrics type) but OK for the others. We get the same characteristics of use as Yukari. And she is on regular singers list. Even if you'll very often see her for a little moment!


    - Last thing, very important!
    The same error that had been detected on "Maeva" a month ago was also detected on "Hidden" (album "Truth Garden") and on "BELICIA" (album "Babylon"). You can download their patches here (Hidden) and here (BELICIA). Replace the former vers with these ones if you downloaded these albums!



    ... When I said there was a lot to say, wasn't kidding.
    So, enjoy, and see you soon!