• Giving some little infos 2 days before next song

    Hello, Nynthixia here


    Will just be giving some little info for the next songs and some head ups about the future projects.

    Last week, I discovered that Ritsu is finally on DeepVocal (aka Sharpkey), yay, finally! Did a little test, the voice doesn't sound too bad, so it should be usable in future songs. Only issue with DeepVocal is that the file build will be horribly long since I'll have to copy-paste every phoneme into each note. Normally, when I work with VOCALOID, separating phonemes by spaces makes understand the software a space is a separator for the notes. DeepVocal doesn't understand this and instead sets the series of phonemes in the same note. No choice then. It will be like the very old 2015 method with VOCALOID3. Unless I find to make a sort of "artificial" file.

    For the ones who don't see what I mean by artificial is that:
    1) I create all the musical notes in the file then I save it
    2) I use the source of the file to insert the phonemes inside instead
    3) I render this file

    Problem: I don't know yet how is the source of a DeepVocal project file (I know what the ust and vsqx are though, but these ones are way easier to treat) and if I knew it, I would have to find a way to find where the sound is, which code is surrounding it, to create another file and especially... The file encoding!

    (Especially when working on a French computer with Japanese locale)

    And if ever it's not possible, it will just be a very long time for treating the file...


    The other point is the work. Currently it has been on hiatus due to computer corruptions.
    To explain the whole thing, my computer hard drives are divided into 2 different hard drives: a Windows one (SSD 100Go) and a DATA one (HDD 900Go). I let you guess what happened recently... Correct, the Windows one told me that I was starting to be full pretty soon. DATA is quite fine though, half of the disk is free.

    What I try to do is that most of time I try to force my softwares onto the D: drive (DATA) instead of the C: one (Windows). I had to move files from the C: to the D: recently, but after, the softwares were not able to find back the files despite the method used (it's another software moving the files, then creating a shortcut on the original drive so the process stays transparent). In some cases it failed a bit, and some cases it failed a bit, were some plugins that I use for musical projects (Native Instruments plugins). So when I tried to compose something on Sunday, I had to abort because the plugins didn't find the presets anymore, and the files going along.

    Resulting in me being unable to compose at all last week sadly.

    Several other drivers and softwares were also corrupted, and after some repairs, some things are still wrong for some of them.

    I have potentially few solutions to remedy this, including possibly buying a new SSD with the same model than the current one but in a bigger size (and it's about €100) to try getting higher space for the Windows drive and thus avoid this situation again.

    I also currently have the impossibility to update properly my Windows, since a build update that had issues to install when USB drives were connected (the May update one). I had fixed for a while the issue by reinstalling the build again and again, until the new one (November update, and Insider version but else it's not funny), but one month after, the corruption comes back. And I checked, it's not a virus. Actually, I have a such protection that my computer will get problems more from corruptions than viruses.

    So the solution to fix it again would be "just reinstall your build"... Except that the ISO drive that is for reinstalling my current build thinks the mine I have is more recent and does not even offer me a possibility to reinstall the build without wiping everything out.

    And believe me that doing this with tons of softwares with limited computer activations is just a hell.

    So I'll be doing this in the next days, I'm just awaiting a software that will help me to clone at least the full DATA drive, so I lose less time and less data.

    My next deadlines are respectively on the 24th and the 27th, then they are on the whole February month. I will have quite few time to make the songs. Especially with these corruptions.


    I had said the other day I had two tracklists. So I built parts of them and I arrived to the following:

    - the current 1st tracklist is just missing one title and is composed of 12 of them. Only one song of this tracklist is done, for the ones who didn't look at the catalog, it's "OLEANDRIUM" with Xin Hua. This one was composed between December and January.
    - the 1st tracklist contains at least a track with Yukari, called "Ourania" and one with IA, called "Polymnia". These are the 2 you should expect in the next days if everything goes well.
    - the 2nd tracklist is set for 12 titles, but only 5 of them have their definitive titles, it's the deadlined songs. Kiritan should have an independant song called "Imaginary Friend" which should be released on February 13.
    - the 4 others are parts of a series, an original one this time, and are for kokone, Stella, Xin Hua and Lily.

    There are chances the final tracklist will have at least the following:

    - "OLEANDRIUM" is final for sure since it's ready
    - "Polymnia" and "Ourania"
    - "Imaginary Friend"
    - the 4 song of the original series

    We arrive to 7 tracks.

    I have 8 remaining tracks -> 15 tracks in total

    Conclusion: the 5 ready tracks for the 2nd tracklist move to the first one, the track that has no title in the 1st tracklist is moved to the 2nd one. And at least 4 new ones will be added to 2nd tracklist.

    So you'll get a 15 tracks album next time normally, but I think... Don't expect it before March a strict minima.


    The other big project is half done, but is suspended so no news on it for now. I'm waiting for things before continuing the project. And these things should not come before next month.


    I hope I can fix these corruptions for good...