Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Sony Vegas Pro 13
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 12
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-160320-00170
    LIN (full) : 「598 174 116」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-160320-000273
    Instrumental + sung version
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    Album : Bad Gate - TRACK 7/13

    Rating : Mature (second class) - M14
    Not recommended for people under... : 14
    Reason : yandere content
    Restricted on : piapro (forbidden)

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    Original English text

    The gaze full of hope, I'm facing to the reality of this merciless world
    The fears of seeing you stolen from me grew up at each sight and time

    I still remember when you were surrounded by these abominations
    Did you notice that I was just trying to help?
    They were all obstructing the future, and have disappeared now
    I protected this fate regardless the fresh blood that was spilled...

    I still stand up despite of being invaded by the threat that I was supposed to fight against
    Maybe the few of strength that left could be enough to continue to live...

    This thing that everyone calls "friendship", is it an euphemism for "love"?
    Or is it just a lie to hide your escape?
    Now anybody doesn't exist in this world anymore, I'm the only person who stayed
    When you have someone to love, nobody else is needed...

    And French adaptation!

    Le regard plein d'espoir, je fais face à la réalité d'un monde sans merci
    Les craintes de te voir volée de moi à chaque vue et moment ont grandi...

    Je me souviens encore lorsque ces abominations t'entouraient
    As-tu remarqué que je tentais juste de t'aider ?
    Ils obstruaient tous le futur, et ont disparu maintenant
    Malgré le sang qui a été répandu, j'ai protégé le destin qui nous attend...

    Même si je suis envahie par la menace que je suis supposée combattre, je continue de tenir
    Peut-être le peu de force qu'il me reste serait assez pour que je continue de vivre...

    Cette chose que tout le monde appelle "amitié", est-ce un euphémisme pour l'"amour" ?
    Ou est-ce juste un mensonge te permettant de t'échapper pour toujours ?
    Personne maintenant n'existe plus dans ce monde, je suis la seule à être restée
    Tu n'as besoin de personne d'autre lorsque tu as quelqu'un à aimer...


    For this one I had some difficulties for lyrics, that's why I air this song so late. But I had the idea since Thursday. The problem was the organization of lyrics. This is purely inspired from a trait of Yuno Gasai in "Mirai Nikki". Yes. Normally I wasn't inspired by these series for songs, but there... I remembered that I didn't make a song on this.
    With yandere girls, the problem is that they are so possessive that if you even try to be friends with someone, she'll think that you'll fall in love with the concerned person. I think that tells very well the story of this song.
    Same work conditions as "Natalene", "Tale" or "Farewell".

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