• "Forsaken" CD10.5 aired


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Here it is, the album "Forsaken"!

    This is the changelog of the album. Some lyrics added, other instrument adds...

    02. Chimene (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [PATCH] Changed the octave for the final note (chorus 1) [quality enhancing]

    04. Erased (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    [PATCH] Extended silence at the end

    07. Unbearable Despair (feat. Lily)*
    [EXTENSION] Extended bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] The explosion SFX is now here at the end of each chorus/verse and the song

    10. Forsaken (feat. Yukari Yuzuki)
    [LYRICS] Added 1 verse
    [LYRICS] FR and EN versions are available in a new .txt file included with this album
    Same instru (same LIC)

    12. Still the Same (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Ends now with the pluck alone

    15. Before the Appearences (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    [EXTENSION] Extended beginning
    [INSTRUMENT] Added a roll+SFX just before the first beats

    16. Freaking Out (feat. Sayu Yurika)
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced volume by reverbing the first snares


    * The phase of the pad sadly has changed for the album version. This is not a volontary change. This is due to the PoiZone preset that was used. Sorry about it.


    Also, sorry for not airing lots of songs since the one with CUL, I had several troubles recently :

    - the fatigue. I had again lots of fatigue that slowed me down. I hope to get rid of it soon...
    - problem of motivation. These last days and I guess you know why, I lost some of my motivation for doing songs, and trust me, composing or writing without liking it at this moment... This is really sad.
    - problem of inspiration. The "blank page syndrome" if you know it, every artist knows it one day or another, I'm not an exception, and I have difficulties for composing and writing lyrics because of that as well.

    Well... Let's hope everything will be fine in the next days? The covers of "EMIRIA" and "LUNARIA" are out, regardless the stereo problem of "EMIRIA" (because Nectar Elements has some stereophonic troubles...).

    Next song should be "Reminiscence" (I finished the instru).

    Enjoy the album!