• For the next few months

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    We're at the end of July now, and it's maybe good if I give you some news on what's going on right now. As well on the songs etc.

    Album for August/September:

    there are currently 6 private songs left to do for this tracklist, and chances are I'll tweak it a bit to switch some private songs to the deadlined ones, especially for Meiji on August 8th. This song in particular will probably be done few days in advance and may have a licensing ticket in a pdf file instead of a public post. The reason is that on August 8th I'll be barely available for contact, same goes for the 1st. The days in-between, there may be some songs in private, since I'll go to a place where Internet connection is very limited. Last year was an exception due to the internship, so I was in another home but closer to mine, with a better connection than the one I have at home so publishing the songs were no problem at the time. There, we'll go back to methods of 2018, where I had done the 3 songs in the album "Annihilation" for Lily (these songs had lyrics written at home, then the songs were done progressively during these vacations) and in complement, there was "Rival Princesses" that was more done online compared to the other songs, but was still private due to its status for the album "Imitation".


    This one has just 3 tracks left to do. These songs are anyway private like the rest of the album. It still is a 13 tracks album. Can't say more about the content for now. Release date should be at the end of the year like said earlier.

    Conversion of blog posts:

    the database has almost done its work, only the songs for the following albums miss some pages and thus their conversion to the new format:
    - BLOODLUSIONS (full)
    - Alien Eyes (only the 3 last tracks got converted)
    - Dread Dream (blog posts for album tracks are missing and their pages as well)
    - Invalid Revolution (the DB has no page about any song, blog posts for album tracks are missing)

    So this one is almost done.

    Season 4 soon over?

    I'll make an unexpected important material change, that actually happened on Sunday but I'll put it active during August for the album that would be released during this fall, but yeah, season 5 might not be a season starting with FL Studio 21... But with something else. I let you search what it is, but it's clearly something unexpected.

    Working schedule

    Will be hugely slowed down for September and October, where I'll be working. Finally, but only these 2 months as for now. So it might be a song per week, with either a private either a public one depending of the deadline, with possibility to push back or shift to another week.

    For reminder, the next deadlines are...:
    - August 8 - Meiji
    - August 16 - CUL
    - August 25 - Lily
    - August 30 - Akari (promised I'll try to stand this one this year!)
    - September 1 - Wistaria
    - September 19 - MAYU

    For the mails

    Don't worry if I don't answer the mails for now, busy preparing the holidays and the months for working, as well as some other things, but I read them no worries!
    Don't expect many answers though next week since I'll be on a very limited Internet, I'm already scheduling what I should be doing there... Even if this year I'll have more data than 2 years ago, the speed will refrain me from doing things I usually do


    If you have to remember things:

    - album for August/September still full S04, some tracks will probably be switched, especially a private one into a public Meiji one
    - album for fall 2020 may be full or majority S05, may contain CUL, Lily, Akari, MAYU, Wistaria and Bibi a minima
    - CDHS2 is 75% done
    - season 4 will end during August with a major material change that is not something to be expected at first glance
    - will be way slowed down on September and October because full time job during these 2 months
    - during August 1st to August 8th, majority of song production offline, Meiji's song will be published by scheduling with song prepared few days in advance
    - blog posts almost all converted to get rid of Flash Players