• Farewell S03...

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    No, this is not a joke. Today is the day when Image-Line (the really nice guys between FL Studio) posted the first release candidate of FL Studio 20. And for those who are wondering "why FL 20 when the previous version was FL 12"... It's typically because now the number of version of FL = the number of years the company exists.
    And also because 13 is the death number for some Occidental people, but hush...

    Little note: I only use frequently for producing release candidates and release versions, because I know they're stable enough. I also download betas, but just for checking things, being used to the new features etc. And hopefully I did it for FL 20...

    So, I told you when FL 20 would be here, the third season of songs would stop and we would go on to the fourth one. Hooray! This has been... Almost two years this third season exists. Seriously, the season 3 began at the end of June 2016. So yeah, you still add one month and a half and we would be in this season for 2 years.

    Typically... The changes between S03/S04 will be very minor compared to the ones between S02/S03 and, most of all, between S01/S02 (where I totally changed the DAW, and hopefully!).

    However, in terms of tags, there will be a few changes.

    - Songs using Transistor Bass and Fruity Delay 3
    These two plugins, the first one is an instrument, the second one an effect, both exclusive to FL, are only available since v12.x of FLS. Which means, in former versions of FL (down to FL9, this is the oldest version that I can unlock), these two plugins can't be used. When I was working with FL12, the songs would be tagged as "No compatibility patch", with often an indication of the exact build used.
    In FL20, there will still be a tag, but this time, unless another plugin gets added in FL20.x and gets exclusive to FL (no VST version), this tag will be "Limited compatibility patch" with infos of the "big versions" of FL that can have this patch. In this case, imagine I make a song using Fruity Delay 3 in FL20. The song will be tagged "Limited compatibility patch", and will be able to get a patch for FL12, but not for FL11, FL10 or FL9.

    - Metadata
    FL automatically fills a line by itself when rendering a file (instrus files, some remixes, covers), saying that the encoding has been done with FL 20 instead of FL 12. So you know what you should expect in terms of compatibility.


    - Pages on the blog
    After "Shatter" will be released (the song has been done yesterday, so it's still in S03 but it will be the last one), I'll finish to fill the lite version of the table for S03 and will open a page for S04.


    Else, what S03 was able to bring to songs:
    - several FL plugins: Harmor and Harmless were the first ones, then PoiZone, Toxic Biohazard and Morphine, then Transistor Bass, finally, Sakura and Sawer
    - non-FL instrument plugins: M1, Hybrid, V-Station, Xpand!2, FM8 are the most major ones
    - better quality in lyrics (new patches, yay)
    - I learnt how to sidechain during S03 (yes, that late)
    - new music styles (such as dubstep)
    - GUMI, Zunko, CUL, MAYU and now Akari made their first debuts in my songs during S03 (yeah for Akari I know, "ANTENOVAE" is actually a test for her, now serious things -> S04)



    The next songs? You'll get "Shatter" on Thursday, the last S03 song. The songs that will come after this are "Decades of Sorrow" with Totoko and "Natasha" with Zunko.
    After this, we begin the 40th album's demos... (Already...)


    I'll be in "limited material status" until the end of the week, that's why I made Meiji's songs quite before this week. And remember I'll use Akari a lot for the moment.

    So, "farewell S03 and welcome S04"... I'll try my very best ><