• Exceptional change of pace for next week

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Hope you enjoyed the new album!

    Due to the recent incidents (the fatigue and all...) and to the fact I still have two totally free days (on Monday and on Tuesday), I'll also consider next week with the current pace (from 3 to 6 songs a week) and I'll try to concentrate everything on Monday and Tuesday.

    Like I said in the last post, I got several "blank page syndrome phases", the motivation wasn't really there, but now it is back, and I'm working on several songs in the same time, at different statuses.

    For "Reminiscence", it should not be long for now, wait for one hour at least I guess.

    The next ones will be "Chloris" (with IA, the instru is finished), then "The Flowers of the Evil" (with Itako, lyrics written, just the instru to do). The track "Too Much Quiet" (with Nyui milky, this one isn't in progress for now) will normally be for this week, after, the track with Zunko to finish the demos for December album.

    I'll try my best!