• End of season 2 for songs

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I have an official announcement to do. It's about the songs seasons.

    The song which will be aired few hours later, "Conceptions", will be the last song of S02. Since now, production side, the S03 just began. So I'll explain what things will change.


    The season 3 begins with the arrival of 2 big synths : Harmor and Harmless mainly. Many of the future songs may include one of them or both of them. In the case you would ask to me the .flp file project (for remixing...) you will maybe require at least these 2 ones.
    Also the edition of my FL changed into Signature Bundle, and is recommended to have it (at least) for opening correctly the project or having at least the synths I described above.


    If you are wondering why I created this system of seasons, it was mainly to differenciate the songs made with Soundation, more synthetic than the current ones (S01) and the ones with FL Studio Producer Edition (S02). The S03 will concern all songs made with FL Studio Signature Bundle.

    For you... That doesn't change really anything, but you may hear different synths now. Let's see what we have and let's play with it!

    For albums, S03 will begin with September album. Only the following tracks will be from S02 initially :
    - Re;Turn (feat. Lily)
    - Beyond the Death (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    - Amnesiac Sacrifice (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    - Conceptions (feat. Lily)

    For individual song airing, S03 will begin at least on June 24th. For producing, from now onwards.

    Info for "Conceptions" : keep an eye on Soundcloud instead of Tmbox. I made a yandere song, but promised, this isn't as severe as "Re;Turn"...
    But it will be a such wonderful ending to the S02, promised!!!


    Remember : .flp giving is made if you request it to me. Rather the contact form to send me a mail so that I can send you the whole .zip with all necessary content (loops+.flp+links to download the free VST if they were used). .flp descriptions when you open FL Studio will now describe the required equipments in order to open the project correctly.

    Well, see you later on Soundcloud and on this blog, and enjoy!