• Did I forget to tell things?

    Hello, Nynthixia here.

    It's been a while... But, you're waiting for the tracklist for this month, I revealed some track names... I aired two songs with Stella, one with Akari, one with IA and one with CUL. I still have 4 deadlines to apply next week. This is going to be harsh.

    The next song you will have will be normally on Saturday. After this I'll try to do the song for IA (Dec 20th deadline) then the 3 songs for the 22nd (one for Yukari, one for CUL, one for Akari).


    So... What do I have to say?


    The tracklist first. This is what you all have been waiting for

    CD23.5 - Walking Towards the Dead Door - airdate: December 29th 2018

    01. Walking Towards a Dead Door (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    02. Zoe (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    03. STRYCHNIUM (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. MALIZIA (feat. CUL)
    05. Immortalized (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    06. Slave of a Twisted Mind (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    07. Get Me Out From Hell (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    08. Grave (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    09. Vantrisia (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    10. Shirleen (feat. CUL)
    11. LILACIA (feat. Lily Kizuna Akari)
    12. Solena (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Deadlined songs:
    - Vantrisia is deadlined for the 20th
    - Get Me Out From Hell was for the 11th (today)
    - Shirleen, LILACIA and Solena are all for the 22nd (there are chances the songs get at least M14 rating, or even Explicit rating... It will depend on how much I'll be able to censor)


    Second thing is the Imitation project. The songs are all done. I just have to do the rest.
    I'll have to choose an air date, probably January 2019. Yeah, all the songs have been produced on 2018 but the album on 2019... Typically I have a lot of problems with organization lately and for this one, I don't want to do like I do with the monthly albums. This one is a work of several months in a row. There is a whole universe, and I want to do it good. No worries the tracklist and the crossfade will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on the YouTube channel on next weeks.


    Third thing. Since... 7 or 8 days, I think? There is a "blank link" in the regular singers list just below Zunko's link. And when you go on the page there is no big clue. What I'm going to do is that I'm not going to tell who the new singer will be, but I'll reveal the "why I don't confirm her yet unlike I did for all the others".

    I actually had plans for her since few months ago, a bit at the same moment as the ones for Akari came. There was the solution to get her from her company's website, problem is... I'm going to tell you something and you'll guess what's wrong with it:

    They accept to ship overseas but they don't accept credit cards made outside of Japan.

    Plan A was a bit done, so I went for plan B: request for the ASIN* to a French reseller. They don't have the ASIN in their catalog. Plan B over. Plan C. Last chance, the Japanese reseller (so yeah it's on the Japanese Amazon, and there are some of the packages I got thanks to them). They accept to sell a package BUT... Not "new". Just "used (like new)". Status is acceptable (and I had no other chance sooooo) but I have to check the license when I'll get her so you won't have the confirmation before the 25th... Date where I'll get her in my own little hands. Right now she is gently waiting at home to come under the Christmas tree, she arrived at noon here, now she has to wait...

    To help you, no it's not Haruno Sora. Firstly because AHS has no issues with foreign credit cards, and secondly because I don't have the V5 engine. I'm still with the V4. I wait for more stability before getting V5. OK it became a bit better but still... Maybe you have guessed something, who knows?

    And that's it for now I guess? Quite slowed down because of constant fatigue and health issues, so sorry... This should get better soon I promise.

    Take care of yourselves


    * identifiant of any product for Amazon. With this any reseller can know what you're talking about. And they're common to all Amazon countries services.

    EDIT December 13th: Sorry forgot to change, LILACIA in the album is by Akari and not by Lily. However I might do a ver with Lily, who knows?