• Computer change and new plugin

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I think after the song "Blindness" I had to give some explanations.

    3 days ago I bought Groove Machine. This is maybe the trickiest plugin that I have ever seen. I'll maybe take a while before mastering it perfectly. "Blindness" was a sort of test for it.

    I also changed my computer on Wednesday. No worries nothing is lost, let's just say the first one had a little physical problem and it was best to change it before it was too late. To avoid the holes in the production pace, I had prepared "Sparks" and "Blindness" way in advance, aired the first one at the scheduled date, and the second one as fast as I could, when the computer was all ready.

    Next airing? A cover of "DIETRICH" with Lily on MQube in few hours! And this one was prepared several weeks in advance! (^_^) Next cover... Well the plans B I had in August, so typically:
    - or "Segments Blue" with IA (original instru)
    - or "CARLA" with Lily (original instru)

    Next originals? The one with Zunko will be on October 27th. As for the others, "as soon as they will be produced".

    In a nutshell: no worries, everything happened exactly as I expected.

    And don't forget on the 21st, album airing as well!