• CDHS1 - Imitation

    CDHS1 - Imitation


    Download the album - 18 tracks (with 8 inedite!)



    Hello, Nynthixia here


    Welcome to the "Imitation" world...
    I have too few things to say so I let you download the fruit of several months of work. Tracks were made between April and November 2018. You'll discover again some old ones, but also new ones you never heard before. Unless you went to listen to the crossfade and you got some samples.


    So, as you would have understood, no series album for this month! Next one is for April. The song "Opera's Remnant" will be aired few hours later even if I finished it on Friday, it's just that I was horribly busy.

    So in the album you'll find the tracks, the lyrics, the booklet (not in the same format as usual, it's because if I had to do a physical version it would probably not be on a CD but on either double CD either DVD)... And some surprises. Also, if you think "booklet is just for lyrics"... Open the doc still. And you'll see!