• CD7 "Bad Gate" + advancement

    Hello, Nynthixia there!


    New album was just released. A classic and a transcendent version as usual. I hope you'll enjoy it.

    List of changes made for this album

    Cold Tears
    - Changed the lead track instrument
    - Added a pad
    - Added a SFX + an impulse SFX
    - Global remastering (Soundgoodizer treatment)

    - Added a SFX
    - Global remastering (Soundgoodizer treatment)

    - Global remastering (Soundgoodizer treatment)
    - Changed the roll
    - Bridge and end parts were extended
    - Fixed the capella filter/no filter
    - Fixed the sound artefacts caused by a preset of the trance gate

    - Fixed the volume of the crash
    - Bridge was extended

    - A crash was added after the roll

    - Global remastering (Soundgoodizer treatment)
    - Bridge was extended
    - The trance gate preset was changed

    Bad Gate
    - End was extended

    All other tracks are the same as demo versions. I resumed everything on the discography page. Titles of songs which have different versions between demo (blog) and album are in light orange/amber.

    Little recommendations : "Tale" and "Comatose" are very good ones. And I think "GALENEA" has an improved quality compared to the demo ver. So check it out! For all public songs, "Farewell" is also very good.


    Other news.

    On yesterday (Thursday), I published "Lucrecia", the last song for the album "Wasted Smiles" (CD8). For the moment, all demos are done but not the album versions yet, nor the transcendent musics. I'll make that probably in the 2 upcoming weeks. I still have a full holiday on Tuesday, maybe a good time to work on it?

    I already said it but "LUNACIA" is already packaged and is waiting for the air date to be uploaded.

    The demo for IA could be a cover of "Priscilla"... Exclusive for YouTube. I won't set it on Soundcloud because there's already Meiji's version (and in the album, it will be Meiji who will sing it). So I'll prepare a PV soon. I don't already have songs projects with her. Not yet. The only one I have is maybe for Lily, but still not sure... Wait and see? You'll be informed about all of this anyway, I publish the PVs on Twitter, keep an eye on it. And on YouTube account as well, if you want...

    Apparently by watching the catalog of new original songs I made... 194 songs since "Damned Artist". Soon 200! The 200th one should be a track for the August album. No many news about it, I didn't begin any work for it. But it will surely feature at least Lily and IA, maybe Yukari and a fourth one (I don't know!) or maybe 2 songs, one with each Tohoku sister (Kiritan and Itako).


    Many thanks to you all for the support, mainly felichan and Cartsoul... Who will maybe air a little surprise soon? I'm aware about it, but I won't tell you what this surprise is. It's not funny else!