CD7.5 - LUNACIA

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Download the album (only classical version available)

     First I really would to thank Aoka and felichan. Aoka for "Face to Face" (already 168 views on Soundcloud thanks to her!!! ; 115 views for Lily's ver on Tmbox). felichan for rendering Nyui for the tracks "Face to Face" and "LEONORA" and for all the support.

    No. Really. "Diana" and "Face to Face" have lots of views, more than 100 or 200... Wow. "Third Division" got a lot of views as well on Tmbox (111). Thanks!!!

    Changelog of the album now!

    Face to Face (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)

    - The end was extended
    - There are supplementary explosions SFX at some places
    (Keep an eye on Tmbox as well, Lily extended ver should be aired there)

    LEONORA (feat. Anna Nyui -lemon-)

    - The end was extended
    - I added a SFX and fixed the volume of the voice SFX

    Third Division (feat. kokone, Lily, Yuzuki Yukari)

    - The song has been remastered (Soundgoodizer treatment). The volume was too low compared to other tracks.
    - The beginning and the end have been extended.

    Control (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    - The end was extended
    (Note : I should soon air a Lily's version... Keep an eye on Soundcloud)

    Diana (feat. Lily)

    - I fixed the volume of the filtered capella part, which seemed to saturate.
    The instru itself is the same though.

    Poisoned Brambles (feat. Gahata Meiji)

    - The end was extended

    Aenea (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) [extended]

    - The end was extended

    OCTARINA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) [extended]

    - I fixed the lyrics with the word "memories" in Japanese. So the last chorus won't sound the same, it's normal. I should publish a fixed version of the short one soon (on Tmbox maybe).
    - There are new lyrics and the bridge was extended
    - The end was also extended

    So the real inedite tracks are the two extended bonuses...


    I'll pass on other news. For next week, the work pace will be between the current ones : but a minima you'll have songs from Monday to Wednesday. These songs are currently already ready on the computer, so I can really talk about them.


    Re;Turn (feat. Lily) - Yandere song. When the lover forgets a yandere who loves her... [Yandere - M14 rated song]


    Beyond the Death (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - I continue the project of SkullGirls songs with Squigly. Sorry, the lyrics will be a few unclear... But the music is pretty efficient. [Tragedy/Misc - M14 rated song]


    Amnesiac Sacrifice (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - Normally last song about the project I told about above. On Filia this time. Mainly focused about her relationship with Painwheel and her... Sacrifice. [Tragedy - Q rated song]

    These songs have at least a good quality. It's not impossible to see "Re;Turn" on Soundcloud.

    For the rest... Well, you'll have "Infected" on Sunday (maybe a midnight airing as well?).


    Other important new.

    If you went to the lite songlist, you maybe saw that I could make a season 3 of songs... Let me explain. On few days, I'll order the upgrade of my FL (I have currently Producer Edition) to Signature Bundle. It's not very expensive for me (you pay a few less the difference of price between Producer/Signature editions, about 97€), that will allow me to unlock Harmless... And I'll also get a Harmor. Plus, the season 2 is really long (since Oct 11th... Time to stop it!) so I think this is a good reason. As soon I'll get these synths, the songs that will be produced will be part of the season 3 and will require a minima a FL 12.2 Signature Edition to open them correctly (unless you have a Producer Edition and paid your Harmor and Harmless separately...).

    Season 3 songs will be in light green (the one you're seeing) in the songlist (season 1 is in blue, season 2 in light purple).

    This season should begin near June 23rd.


    I don't have other news for another album for September. All that I can confirm is that "Re;Turn", "Amnesiac Sacrifice" and "Beyond the Death" will be part of it.


    Well, enjoy!