• CD6.5 "Memories"

    CD6.5 "Memories"

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    First album which includes an exclusive track. And as always...



    Classic version : includes all 14 tracks in individual files
    Transcendent version : one-track version of the album, all tracks are connected by little musical transitions

    Enjoy well this album!

    Thanks to felichan who rendered the capellas for Nyui, and also a thanks to Aoka, even if it's not really for this album but for "Face to Face".

    Other news... The program for the next week is complete!

    • April 18th : "LEONORA" with Nyui Anna lemon. Finally, when I told about using this VB, it will be for Monday!
    • April 19th : "Virtual Puppets -1st Anniversary Edit-" with, if you watched the live you know it, kokone and Yukari Yuzuki. I almost finished this track, I'll just modify a thing in the instru.
    • April 20th : "Outcast Spell" with Meiji Gahata. About black magic for this one.
    • April 21st : "Girl from the Moon" with kokone. If you know "Artemisia", this is a song inspired by the true end of the game "Tsukimi Planet". Well, "Girl from the Moon" is inspired by the second bad ending!
    • April 22nd : "Control" with Yukari Yuzuki.


    For all these songs, that have already been written :
    - the song with Nyui and the one with Yukari are yandere stories
    - the duet (the remix) and the song with kokone are for all audiences
    - the song with Meiji is more yangire
    - they all will be (except for the remix) in the CD7.5.

    It will be the only week with the tightest pace because I'll be slowed down on my second week of holidays. But I still have projects. The problem is that they need more time to work for lyrics...

    I don't have any determined tracklist for the CD7.5 because I hesitate to add remixes or not and if I don't do it, the number of tracks will be a few low. I'll reveal it when I'll be sure about it.

    I'll work very hard for you all!